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For as long as can be remembered, I have avoided Sally Beauty Supply. The store for me has conjured thoughts of toothless women with straw-like greasy hair, miniature creepy crawlies with broken antennae, along with products that promise the world, yet fail to deliver. Up until last week, I had only purchased one thing from the store; Orly rubberized basecoat (good, but if used too often cause nails to peel like paper. Yes, Sally was living up to my expectations).

However, I had recently been hearing nothing but raves for Ion Clarifying Treatment. Claims that it provided quality results, created a pure canvas for hair color, and even left hair SOFT had me curious. Price: $3. Bottle purchased separately to apply product: $1.78. Results: Priceless. Clarifying for me is a must. My holy Grail of shampoos is a Kerastase shampoo (I fluxuate between two lines of theirs) Redkin All Soft conditioner, Fredrick Fekkai curl cream, Oscar Blandi curl spray, and White Rain mousse (sshhh…). The first three condition like a dream, and all 5 do just as well at providing buildup. Entre Ion Clarifying Treatment.
The product is sold in a purple packet, in powder form. Simply add 2oz of water, and the product turns into a gel. Apply to hair, wait the needed time, and there you have it, perfectly clarified, clean, beautiful hair. Heat can be applied if desired, but not necessary. However, should you have more hair than a Barbie doll, I recommend 2-3 packets for the treatment.
So there you have it m’dears, I survived my venture into Sally’s; all done with no sight of wounded antennae creatures. I have even managed to purchase another Ion product: a color sealing treatment. However, I did spot a toothless woman.

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