Ruffle My Heart

How cute is this little quinoa sprout?! I ate it.

My raw quinoa and mint salad.
Enjoying the warm weather.
4 days until Paris!!!


jassy said...

im blogging again haha
anyway i love the shirt, bring ruffles back and its gorgeous
+ the pose's

Paige of Midwest Darling said...

You look ready for valentines day!

Tima said...

LOVE ruffles!! So cute!

Editor & Chic

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I am just in love with those sunglasses. I may have told you that before. ;)

And that salad looks so YUMMY! xo

Bianca said...

cute ruffles!

Natalie Suarez said...

wow! have an amazing time in paris!! :)

Natalie Suarez said...

wow! have an amazing time in paris!! :)

We are Marbled said...

Nice blog!!

Love your pictures!!!

Come to see mine :-)


Yasmeen Fahmy said...

You're so friggin cute!! I love your hair. I've always been jealous of the super tight curls. But my friends who have them don't like them at all :(

Also, I love the ruffle shirt. Rawr.

Castle Fashion

SML said...

oh wow, that salad is making me hungry. love the ruffle blouse, so pretty!

Tima said...

Hey! I just tagged you for the Stylish & Versatile Award. If you want to participate, check out my latest post for details.

You look fab btw!!

Editor & Chic

Stephanie said...

That is a cute quinoa sprout! :)

And i love love LOVE the ruffles!

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