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Today, I'm going to introduce you to...

Kota Koti, a beautiful teenage girl from Florida who looks like a living doll.

She has recently become a huge internet sensation, with her silent, Lolita-esque outfit shots and beauty photos.

She embodies the Japanese anime look that seems to be the craze among young girls these days.

She has also received immense criticism online from people who claim she is merely photoshopped, and not perfect and angelic-looking at all.

Those aren't her real lips, the female critics sneer. Her skin isn't that flawless.

When I first came across this sweet girl, I admired her adorable style and I was mesmerized by her beauty.

But then I did some digging and discovered that the story behind Kota makes me appalled that her parents have even allowed her to become an internet sensation at all.

You see, Kota is actually Dakota Rose, the little sister of fallen cyber-space icon, Kiki Kannibal.

In 2006, Kiki was a 13-year-old girl who had just moved to Florida with her family. She was incredibly lonely, so she started posting sexxxy photos of herself on Myspace. Within a few months, she had accumulated a fan-base of thousands and media attention. She was a fashion star. She was a scene kid. She was an underage sexual fantasy.

As her popularity grew, so did her haters. Kiki began receiving thousands of death threats, some even from people who figured out her real name and where she lived. There were thousands of Myspace comments saying cruel things about her. Facebook groups dedicated to destroying her life started popping up.

At 14, she was raped by a man who found her online. Her home was vandalized. Her family, including her own grandmother, lived in fear.

Her family had to relocate and they were involved in press charges against not only the man who sexually assaulted her, but another man in Louisiana who was sending her death threats and writing obscene stories about her on his website. But because of the anonymity of the internet, there was not much the police could do. And through all of this madness, fame-hungry Kiki still posted photos and videos for her fans, like nothing was happening.

This harassment is STILL going on for the family today. In this Rolling Stone article (which I highly recommend, by the way) her sobbing mother admits she shouldn't have allowed her daughter to continue posting on the internet.

So my question is...why is her little sister allowed to follow in her footsteps? Has the family not learned their lesson yet?

Or does Internet fame blind us to everything, even reality?

Thank you for another amazing feature Jennifer! As someone who read that Rolling Stone article when it came out, I too highly recommend it. The article will haunt anyone who reads it. I am completely floored that either of these girls still have access to the internet!!



TinaS said...

What a nice post! I really enjoyed reading it :) I must say she is gorgeous! Nice eyes, face shape and pretty nose... Perfect.

jassy said...

Yes she is beautiful but after what happened to her a parent I would not allow it. Just because of her safety. I don't know beautiful girl. But then again I wouldn't have known it was her sister

Lemanie said...

Unbelievable!! I would never allow the lil sister to post photos...geez... I'm a bit speechless about all of this...I hope the lil sister wises up.

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

What a cool post! Jennifer always has the coolest stories.

Leia said...

This is absolutely shocking!

Sherin said...

Both girls are stunning, but it really is shocking what internet fame can do. I can't believe all the haters and people who found her! Off to read the Rolling Stone article.

Shannon said...

As a mom to a daughter, I'm appalled. Those beautiful girls are putting themselves in serious danger.

Tights Lover said...

What an incredibly disturbing story. Our fame-at-all-costs culture continues to shock me!

Mabel said...

Only in Florida...

She was on the Daily Mail last week and I watched all of her videos at work lol. But I didn't know this disturbing story. Why repeat the same mistakes????

Mabel Time

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