Jenny's Mouthwash: Phat Moms

Hey ladies (and gents)! It's Jennifer Fabulous, bringing you more of my monthly Mouthwash! If you have ever visited my blog then you probably know that I am a huge fan of Bryce Dallas Howard.

She's my hero, as a woman and an actress.
Recently, Bryce has been getting a lot of press, but not for a good reason. She's being ridiculed for being a new mom.

Bryce, 31, gave birth to her second child, an adorable little girl named Beatrice, in January.

This past month, she was photographed around town with her newborn and the photos were posted on TMZ.

Every troll on the internet has been wetting themselves with delight over the photos, which show Bryce is a normal human being.

The horrible names she is called in the comments sections and on blogs make me shudder. It stuns me that there are so many ignorant and thoughtless people out there who don't realize it is not normal to go from giving birth to a size zero in a week.

But that is the perception Hollywood gives us. We've seen celeb moms like Beyonce and Angelina boast sexy bodies just weeks after popping out a kid. But that is not realistic and certainly not very healthy, in my opinion.

Weight loss should be a gradual process, whether you're losing baby weight or those extra 20 pounds before swimsuit season.

Bryce isn't the only Hollywood mom being scrutinized. Jessica Simpson has been criticized as well.

And thousands of miles away, it seems the most beautiful woman in the world isn't immune to such treatment.

In fact, Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai is being even more ripped apart in her homeland. The former Miss Universe gave birth to her first child six months ago.

Newspapers and magazines in India have been severely criticizing the actress, who has been deemed a "traitor" to her country for not losing the baby weight quickly. Thousands of commenters said it was Aishwarya's duty as a Bollywood actress to look good and fit at all times.

Others suggested she could learn a thing or two from celebs like Victoria Beckham who went back to a size zero weeks after her delivery. A few concerned commenters suggested the once-thin Aishwarya should now kill herself.

There are even videos of the actress online, complete with elephant noises.

Instead of celebrating these mothers, the world is spitting on them.

Thanks Jen!!


Ann said...

I guess not everyone could be a Nicole Kidman, Beyonce & Posh after giving birth... I for one I think haven't lost some pregnancy fats... and its been years already:)

Let's just give these new celeb Moms some love...

Swarnali said...

I really don't understand why people can't leave these women to themselves. Its their lives,let them choose if they want to prioritize their baby and not their perfect figure. I adore Aishwarya and its so irritating seeing all these crap being talked about her size. Btw Aishwarya is a former Miss World. Sushmita Sen was the Miss Universe that year.

Swarnali said...

Ow yes,sorry I forgot to mention,this is a great post Jen...I loved it <3

Dayle said...

I'm from India and the media is quite mean to her, specially since she has decided to concentrate on motherhood.
In my opinion, prioritizing her baby before her weight is the best thing to do !
Lovely post!

Bonnie said...

There are some really mean, angry people in this world. I am not sure what fills some people with such vapid hate, and it is so sad that the internet gives them a public outfit for their rage.

P.S. Jessica Simpson terrified me as a pregnant lady, though.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Midnight Cowgirl said...

These women are beautiful and it is terrible how much pressure they are under to look thin/perfect all of the time.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

I get a bit angry when I see women being slagged for their bodies especially after child birth and sometimes even mothers who have managed to go back to their weight before pregnancy..I have to say this world is messed up. The body takes on a lot during pregnancy and to say a woman needs to go back to the size she was before is bullshit! The ones that do usually get a tummy tuck after, but spare telling anyone that so they look like a super hero or they forget to mention that they have loads of nanny's and help to take care of the baby while they work out with their PERSONAL trainer which the average woman does not have or other support at times to help them loose the weight. I know Beyonce has staff and nannies to help her..the average woman doesn't have these things. And they have to go back to work right away to take care of bills and what not, depression can set in after the baby is born leading to more eating and less exercise. I think if there was more support and less slander, people would feel loads better about themselves. It's disgusting how we talk and treat one another. Some people need a slappin' really! LOL!! Loved the post :) xx

Julie @ ROJ Running said...

I see two different issues here. 1) No, most women do not have personal trainer or personal chefs or nannys to help them post pregnancy to whip back into shape. To make fun for it taking a while is not OK at all. 2) That being said...while weight gain in pregnancy is normal, an excessive amount is NOT normal and women (especially those with access to certain resources) should be doing everything in their power to get back to a healthy weight, for themselves and their child (children). From what I read J Simpson was on the verge of diabetes and all sorts of other life threatening conditions because of the weight she gained. Perhaps these celebs could use their power to show no one is immune to weight/health issues during pregnancy, but it's not OK to just ignore it either. Making fun is wrong, being concerned is a whole different story.

Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} said...

Such a great post. Brava Jennifer for bringing truth and light to a false media-driven world! I think that it it almost a testament to the mother when they don't instantly lose the extra weight. Why? Because it shows just how much their focus has shifted off themselves and onto their children. It's real love.


Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

Great post, I completely agree, I for one as a mother of two, and a fashion/style blogger felt pressure to lose weight after my 2nd pregnancy on my blog, but just went at my own pace and didn't exercise and only breastfed while trying to eat healthy. I still could use toning up a year later. I think it's completely ridiculous for people to ridicule new moms and put that unrealistic expectation on them.

Meri said...

overweight, thin, healthy, pregnant, I wish people would stop focusing on womens' bodies instead of their accomplishments! Where is all of this garbage coming from, jealousy? Great Post, I've been reading a lot of this stuff online lately and it makes me crazy.

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