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Hey kids! It's Jennifer Fabulous again, here to bring you another monthly dose of random awesomeness.
The other day, I was talking to my friend Jonathon and he introduced me to a topic I immediately had to research.
Did you know that there are middle-aged women out there who walk around with baby dolls, pretending they are real?

It is part of a world-wide phenomenon called "reborns."

Reborns are life-size baby dolls that are sculpted to resemble human babies as realistically as possible. They weigh the same as a baby. They wear real baby clothes. They cost around $500.

The craftsmanship is considered real art, with some dolls even fetching thousands of dollars.

And the majority of the women who "adopt" these babies are in their 40s. They get up at 3 a.m. to pretend-feed the doll. They carefully secure it in a car seat. They cradle it in public places like grocery stores and the mall. They push it in strollers at the park.

They crave the moment someone coos over the reborn and thinks that it's real. But they don't understand why most people get creeped out when they realize it's not.

These are grown women who have teenage children, or even infants of their own. In sadder cases, the collectors are women who have lost a child or cannot conceive. Some of them are just obsessed with the idea of having a perfect baby, frozen in time. A child who never grows up. In a BBC documentary I saw about the reborns, there was one mom who even admitted she takes better care of her reborn than her own children.

There are numerous youtube videos showcasing these women (and teenage girls) with their reborns. Some of them have elaborate nurseries set up for the doll. Some of them breast feed the dolls. Some of them collect dozens of reborns, showcasing them all over the house.

During an ABC News special, one woman tearfully admitted she has an obsession to take care of babies which will never grow up. Even though she had several kids of her own, she needed a "forever baby."

These reborns can be purchased on Ebay, Etsy, and personal websites. There are even meetings in almost every city where local moms can get together and show off their reborns and exchange parenting tips.

...thoughts? Would you ever buy a reborn?

Thank you Jennifer for yet another amazing post!! Please sound off in the comments below! For this one especially I cannot wait to hear what you have to say!



Anastasija said...

it is kinda creepy, but, wee...Amazing post!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

That's way creepy. I feel sorry for these ones that have lost a child and they've turned to this or have children and treat this doll better, it's not right. I think that's going to far, they need to talk to someone. We have to treat the living with more love than that. I'm overwhelmed now! x

Swarnali said...

This is really really creepy. I can understand the trauma of those who lost a child but isn't pretending that its a real person, too far fetched? This one was an amazing post, Jenny!!

Arielle-HumblePieVintage said...

This is extremely creepy. I just went and watched some YouTube videos with the people who have them and they buy all this real baby stuff for them that's expensive and change their diapers and stuff. Like you said some of them have kids already, and I can't help but think it might mess them up. There has got to be something wrong with the grown women that do this. Then there's the teens that like to go out in public with them and they're like, "Everybody's staring at us!" Well duh, you look like a teen mom but your carrying around a babydoll. God, this is too creepy! There's some messed up people in the world.

sherene said...

Oh my i'm hyperventilating, so creepy:||

Tricia said...

That would be my nightmare. I have four kids who I am more than happy to see grow up, live their lives, and be happy. Our oldest daughter has Down Syndrome and someone once said to me, "You are so lucky, she will never leave home." WTF??
This fake baby thing sounds sick.

Bonnie said...

Kids creep me out. Period. It doesn't matter if the child is real or fake. Any kid will creep me out if I have to be around him or her.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I totally saw this on TV. It was a few ladies who were being documented--some were getting their first reborn, others were getting a little brother or little sister for the reborn they already had. It's creepy stuff, for sure, mainly because they babies look so damn real!

Audrey Allure said...

Wow, that is creepy. I find that haunting that they even look so life-like!

Sherin said...

That's so crazy! And so creepy!!

Barry said...

I think like many things this can be beneficial or harmful depending on the extreme to which it's taken. Where I see the harm is when a woman who can't move past the loss of a child (or who can't conceive) uses a doll like this as a substitute. Maybe I don't know enough about it but I can't see it as a healthy coping mechanism, I fear it would be used in place of therapy and she wouldn't be able to move on.

The idea may seem inherently creepy but I can't arbitrarily dismiss or condemn someone who would want a doll like this, everyone has their reason which they feel is valid.

The Grande Dame said...

They are kind of strange. I can't believe women 'showcase' them - THAT is weird. I do feel its a bit sad though - some of these women must have gone through tremendous loss or heartache. I really don't see how one of these things would help though, long term.

Movies on my Mind said...

Goodness me, seriously, upon seeing the image of a baby I thought Amber may have become a mum or an aunt. Then I read Jennifer Fabulous' name and thought maybe Jen's become a mum, and that is an image of her newborn. Then I read the post and I feel even more weirded out.

I'm gonna say 'only in America,' but I fear you may say 'reborning' is a global phenomena and that the crazy Brits are doing it too.

Julie @ ROJ Running said...

I'm OK with art work and I'm OK with collecting, but to carry it around like a real child? Unless you're preparing for a baby or trying to teach a teen a lesson, that's odd IMHO. It reminds me of the Desperate Housewives storyline with Gabby and the doll. So sad, and often an indicator of a larger issue.

Meri said...

wow. wow. where do you find these things? man, and I thought tamagotchis were demanding...

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