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Crisp and creams

We are entering into my favorite part of the year: Holiday season! Carving pumpkins, egg nog, pumpkin pie, and best of all: cool weather to bundle up in. Oh, and presents of course!
Ever since I first discovered Sephora in 1997, I have been obsessed with it. The endless plethora of sampling possibilites! Currently, the newest edition to the "obessed" category is New Beauty magazine. I am in love with not so much makeup, but rather creams, potions, scrubs and masks. When I was a little girl, I used to get into my mom's Mary Kay cabinet (she was a saleswoman for the company) and use the creams and polishes, sneaking away hundreds of dollars away to my room. There is just something about youth - and wanting to keep and perserve it for as long as possible.

Do you wear sunscreen? You should. I hope it is above 30 spf.
A few years ago, I started keeping a journal. Not just any journal mind you, but a beauty journal. A record of all my findings. I write down of samples I tried, and mark the ones I am impressed with, with lipglosses have the best consistancy, which foundations cake, and mascarras what don't smear. It's a beautiful thing, much like this season that is approaching.
There is something about this season, with the crisp air, and foggy nights that make me want to spend my afternoon inside a Macy's/Bloomindales, Sephora's or Neimans. The glitz and the lights just seem all the more welcoming these days.

Cheers to the holidays!
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