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There are many women (and men) out there who want the prestiege that the wearing of a fine pair of Louboutin's can bring. There is something to be said about a fine pair of office worthy black pumps with a flash of sexy red underneath. I guess Christian understands women: While the top of us "needs" to fit in with the sophisticated world that will earn us our paycheck, it's the underside flash of red that actually brings others into our reality.

But what is our reality, really? For me, it's one day sitting in Anna Wintour's office, telling her that I'm after her job. It's having an internship under a curator, and realizing that I may not want to be one after all (unless perhaps it was at the Met, and in the textiles/couture wing). It's putting together my "ten year plan" and realizing that it may have to be made into twenty. All that, and lusting after a $300 hair tool, and fearing that once someone I know has it (before me) that I won't want it any more. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely adore my curly hair. I may even like it too much. In class, if my hair is down it has more attention from me than the teacher. The fact that my hair curls on its own is facinating to me. I suppose I just like to mix it up. Turns out, that's exactly what the deisgners this season like as well. Florals, plaid, lace; they may all seem as items that should never all be in the same place at once - but then the designers go and give us something else to stratch our heads at: androgyny with a bit of Victorian flare. How is it that the very concept sounds new and very so...very much a sumary of the last 30 years? Yes, we have entered a beautifed reinvented version of self identity.

For me, my self identity will be found in three things: florals, headbands and rice cakes. Roberto Cavalli has done florals to my taste this year. Here is a form of florals that a girl can step out in and not have to worry about seeing the same dress on someone more than three times her age.

Let me leave with you with perhaps the only Prada bag I have ever considered carrying. I can just see myself carrying this beauty while wearing a pair of vintage faded denim, and an off white silk tee. In Louboutins of course - with just enough red to bring you into my reality.

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