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This morning I received a wonderful present in the mail; parfum. Not just any parfum mind you, but rather, CHANEL no 5.
Earlier last week I had received an e-mail asking me if I liked the scent. Truth be told, no I didn't. But pass up CHANEL? I think not. Certainly not the worlds most popular parfum at that.
I had always sniffed the scent in the malls, Chanel boutiques, and it had never been quite right for me. Too old, too strong, too something.
Yet now...
I can't stop wearing it! I put it on as soon as I opened the package. In preparation for bed, I find myself spritzing it on once more. Oh number 5! How I adore you!


  1. Oh the sweet luxury of fine perfumes. life was never meant to be so good.

    Props on wearing it to bed! be super french and sprits your ankles.

  2. some don't quite get it, but no body part should go unloved.

  3. Sprits my ankles! i love it!


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