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I am elated, frustrated and proud.
I am elated.

Our generation has seen a lot; 9/11, War, and the presidential election of Barack Obama. I am so proud; proud of a chance at change, proud of nation that is willing to look at qualifications, determination and implementations of an 18 month plan, and proud that I have seen a woman run for president.

I am frustrated.

I had faith in my fellow Californians in knowing the "right" thing to do in regards to Prop 8. The concept that marriage some how would be gravely endangered by its passing is not only ridiculous, but ignorant. The elitist concept that marriage is available only to those who just so happen to have sexual attraction to opposite sex is arrogant. What happened to equality?

I am proud.
I am proud that 1/3 of voters this election were new voters. Men and women who have lived in this country all their lives, who never participated in their American duty to vote, finally did so. And? Out of that 1/3, nearly 2/3 were under 30. Ohio alone had 850,000 new registered voters.

Here's to living in times that have made history.
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