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Birds in Flight

I am so excited about the dress that came in the mail today!
As you know, I have been working in Illustrator trying to come up with some wall paper designs. Well, this dress reminded me Japanese prints; only wearable. Its not Japanese, but I still think think that the dress is stunning.

I also got carried away with the pictures.


Gloria C. said...
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Gloria C. said...

I love the last photo!

I'm not brave enough to try printed shirts yet D:

I know old navy has this relatively cute sweater that has a sparrow printed on it for cheapness.

teehee, that hair would be /intense/ butttttt it'd be cooler sitting in a glass case in my office intimidating people than on my head xD

If you're talking about Gilt Group, yes I have.
They are having a beautiful Alexander McQueen sale and there are a few gowns I would to pick up.

Gloria C. said...

I would LIKE to pick up

Mouthwash said...

Girl, Gilt will be my wallet will be my wallets undoing!!

A. McQueen is my ultimate favrite FAVORITE designer!

Stephanie said...

quel beau cygne! j'adore la dernière photo.

J'adore aussi your adorable honesty.

Mouthwash said...

:) my adorable honesty? I'm not sure what you mean, but i like it!

Rosanna said...

i love that print of that dress!!! its beautiful :)


Mouthwash said...

Thank you!

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