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Yves Saint Laurent at the de Young

This weekend I had the joyous pleasure of visiting the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. I had been wanting to go since I heard that it was coming, but alas...
The collection is absolutely stunning. I was so upset I couldn't take photos. There was so much security that even phones were asked to be put away.
As some of you may know Laurent's favorite artist was Picasso. Laurent often made references to music and artists in his designs, often taking a representation of a piece (like Vincent van Gough's Irises) and placed them right on the jacket. He was one of the very first to do this. Which, is precisely why I was not able to understand all the hype with Louis Vuitton and the graffiti bags.
I of course dressed up for the event! You can see the picture of my outfit:Dress: American Apparel circular scarf I turned into a dress. Shoes: Michael Kors, Gloves: Ralf Lauren.

I wish so much that I could show you pictures of my favorite ensembles. I'll describe them:
1. Gray Wool swing dress w/ bow. 1960
2. Bright pink strapless evening gown, with sequined bird in flight about the neck (which holds up the dress)
3. Nymph wedding dress, made of floral buds, Spring Collection, 1998
4. Black and white polka dot bubble dress, 1992
5. Dress with lace backing (see above)

If you get a chance, please! Go! I must say, the show was curated incredibly well.
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