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Come back...

So, it's freezing. It was in the mid nineties last week, and now it's in the fifties. When it was hot, i was ecstatic! I was so happy, on cloud nine! Now it's cold and I feel a little dumbfounded. Will it ever be warm again? My brain has already switched over to dressing in summer clothes, and I'm having a hard time thinking in "winter". (ps. sorry for my little racoon eyes! Photo was taken at high noon!)

dress: F21, necklace: bought in Latin Quarter, Paris, France scarf: vintage find, belt: ? and purse: Estee Lauder

The photo with me in the orange and gold scarf were taken by Deborah Berk. All others by my boyfriend. Thank you Deborah!


  1. That is such a pretty dress! I love the colors.


  2. oh wow, i just LOVE your dress - love that youre wearing a maxi dress too! i always get a small thrill when i see women wearing maxi dresses, especially in spring!

  3. Thank you so much! This is one of my favorite maxi dresses. :) Maxi's are so wonderful. Instant style.

  4. Waouhhh
    Une robe bien colorée!!!
    Comme j'aime!

  5. You have really beautiful curly hair! Great dress too! xxoxoxo

  6. that dress is STUNNING! and you look lovely x

  7. what a pretty dress, those colours look gorge on you dear!
    muah x

  8. Chrys - bonjour! merci pour le commentaire! J'adore cette robe aussi.

    Hey Shin! I'm trying to save up for your dress...I'm so broke. :/

    Thank you Frances! No joke. LOL

    Gracias senorita corazon! Me gusta tus blog, pero yo no se comentar...

    Thank you Marian! I hope you have fun on your vacation!!


  9. Yes. I made it myself:) I love jewellery:D Me gusta tus blog tambien;)Comenta mi blog por favor;P

  10. Yo hice - yo promesa. :) Que lengua es tus blog? Yo no lo comprende...


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