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You Always had my Heart

This was another weekend spent with friends in the very near City. While with friends, I realized for all my years here in the Bay, I had never walked across the Golden Gate Bridge! So today, my boyfriend and I decided to change that. And, just for fun, I decided to throw a few outfits that I would have worn for the city. (I dress up for cities. It's true.)

  • Isharya Coral-embellished ring
  • Charlotte Russe flats
  • Joan Shepp stone washed leather jacket
  • Astley Clarke Koi earrings
  • Marc By Marc Jacobs Chiffon Layered Vest
  • Apparel Jeans

  • Maxmara pants
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet
  • Dorothy Perkins clutch
  • Chanel earrings
  • YSL Necklace
  • Christian Louboutin Mary Janes
  • F21 tank
And...the jacket for the outfit (because this is, after all, SF)

  • Balmain Jacket
Oh! And my nails of the day of course! OPI The It Color, and It Beets Me! This tecnique is called "blending". It's done on the nail, while wet. Endless possibilities!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I love all the outfits especially that jacket! So chic! Your nails look so unique! xxoxoxoxo

  2. Balmain!!!

    I want to at least grab a Zara knockoff this season...


  3. i absolutey love your nails!! the balmain jacket is just amazing. i saw it in real life and nearly died on the spot

  4. Crazy nails, I must try this technique sometime!


  5. the nails are really cool! love the first pic of the houses.

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