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My Miu Miu Prada's

About two days before I came down with the oh so trendy H1N1, I found these treasures. Miu Miu Prada's, dug up in a local vintage shop, and for about $40, and in my size!! I have no idea what season they are from... These are all suede, with leather straps, buckles and a couple of studs on each shoe. I love them!!

UPDATE ON FLU: thank you SO much for your well wishing! Unfortunatly, it's only gotten worse. I've completely lost my voice, I get random hot flashes, and can only pray that I get better soooooon!!

EDIT: waaaiiitt!! the outfit above is NOT. I repeat - IS NOT my "wear of the day"! hahaha. It's my "i'm sick" uniform. Haha.
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