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Sneaking Around//Blogger Award!

Ok. So I admit that I didn't join the masses on Black Friday (well, does buying a bento box at a Japanese store count?), nor did I log on for Cyber Monday. But! I did participate in Zoya's Green Friday - on Thursday.

Aparently green is THE color for me at the moment; cause look what I found!! A 100% silk green blazer with AMAZING big bold shoulders for....$4. Yes. It was originally $8. Got it for 50% off. Love life.

  • Silk Blazer: Vintage!
  • Leggings: ??
  • Tee: boyfriends/Haynes
  • Mobius scarf: AA
  • Flats: wal-mart
  • Cap: Zara
  • Bag: 9 west
  • Nails: YSL Tuxedo Gray (it's shimmery...ish. With lovely silver dust in it! and applies like a dream. That's one coat!!)

Thank you so much from Jeni Wren at JeniWren.com for my Honest Scrap Award!
10 Honest things about myself:

1. I am ethnically mixed. And I change up my ethnicity every time someone asks. Today I was Costa Rican.

2. I have severe shoppers remorse. I will buy something and then stash in my closet for a week. However, I didn't have that problem with my Prada's. (nor with my Flowerbomb, YSL polish, or...)

3. I LOVE my curly hair. It sometimes bothers me when people ask if I straighten it.

4. I like Heidi Montag. No explanation offered.

5. Every time I head into San Francisco, I feel like I have to get dressed up. Dunno why.

6. I love to travel! Esp. alone. I love the independence, and the thrill of meeting people along the way. I once hung out with a Rugby team in the south of France. Unforgettable.

7. I'm not sure if I want to be married.

8. Every Saturday I go to Petco, and play with all the kitties. I think it makes my guinea pig a little jealous. His name is Sir Francis Lots O' Puff. The boyfriend calls him Scarface.

9. I love to jog.

10. Dream job? Buyer/Fashion PR/Curator of sorts/ and living a bi-coastal/bi-country lifestyle.

I'm passing the "The Honest Scrap Award" to:

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2. Shin at Fashion Cappuccino
3. Mavi at Maverick Malone
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