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Clogs! // Interview with Maria of CHICISIMO!!!!!!!

Many of my dear readers are familiar with Chicisimo.com (I'm sure!) Maria the founder of the site, was kind enough do to an interview with me. Enjoy!

Mouthwash:Chicisimo is such a wonderful accomplishment! It's quite an astonishing feat, really. About how many hours a week would you say you spend updating it?

Maria: Well, that's not easy to respond to. I am quite adicted to personal style blogs, I love them, I love personal style pictures, so I spend a lot of time visiting blogs and enjoying new styles. I update Chicisimo in between those visits. I spend all my day doing this. I love it!

Mouthwash: Does anyone help you with Chicisimo?

Maria: Yes! I started alone back at the end of 2008 in San Francisco. Not long ago, my hubby started helping me: he's the geek one in the couple,  I love [the] fashion.

Mouthwash: From all the outfits you see from week to week, are you seeing a favorite trend of the moment? What catches your eye?

Maria: Good question! Chicisimo is just a reflection of the personal style community and therefore we see all kind of trends. We can't forget these girls are true fashionistas and a lot are beyond trends: some wear the latest trends, others wear what will become trends in next seasons... What is important is to be happy with your style, and I see a lot of that - also summer dresses worn now in winter.  What catches my eye? Diversity! I love to see girls trying new things!

Mouthwash: Do you have a(ny) favorite designer(s)?

Maria: No! I like a lot of them, but I don't have a personal favorite. A while back, it used to be Giorgio Armani! Now, I go through tons and tons of collections and select what I like in each of them. Later, I remember the specific piece but I forget about the designer :(

Mouthwash: Tell us 3 items in your fridge that you couldn't do with out.

Maria: Fruits, vegetables and cold water are my 2010 resolution. But what I truly love is chocolate, cockies, icecream, coke and candy. The problem is: I cant control myself with this stuff!

Mouthwash: Would you be willing to give a snap-shot of the must have items in your purse? ie, items you couldn't leave the house without?

Maria: My wallet and keys are the two only items I always have with me. I don't take my sunglasses, or make-up, or brush. I can't even remember to take my cell with me. I'm a disaster!!!

Mouthwash: What's some of the music you are listening to now?

Maria: I listen to all types of music, but I'm lately listening a lot to Madonna, Alejandro Sanz, Shakira, old songs of La Oreja de Vangogh and Michael Jackson. And you'll laugh, but having the little girls (3, 4 and 5 years old) Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and similar songs are part of my everyday life.

Mouthwash:Thank you so much Maria for taking the time to do an interview with Amber's Mouthwash!

 Vintage leather fringe jacket and clogs, turquoise Buddha ring, Gap dress. 


  1. love the jacket and dress! :)

  2. gorgeous pics! love that dress!


  3. I love clogs. My faveourite pieces from Chanel. :)

  4. I love your outfit the idea of fringe with florals is an amazing idea. The interview was great as well although I don't always have what I would like in the fridge I would love to have a tonful (if that's a word) of vitamin it is so juicy, refreshing and gives me so much energy!

    From Dolly

  5. you look amazing!! your floral dress are so beautiful :D

    you might got this all day, but I really have to say this, I loooove your hair!!! it's so beautiful :D

  6. I'm ridiculously jealous that you have the weather for such lovely airy outfits. You SO suit maxi dresses, right down to the ground. You should really wear them every single day, though that could get a little bit boring!Love the florals with the blogs as well, and the fringed jacket!

    - Anna Jane xxx

  7. love this post - thanks for sharing and those clogs are awesome xoxox

  8. que interesante la entrevista! me gustaria que me hicieran una a mi tambien en un futuro jejejeje. precioso el vestido

  9. Hahahaha
    Food in your fridge? Fruit, veg and water

    But... i love chocolate cookies and all the other nice things! hahaha :)

    Gorgeous maxi dress, id love one but im too short for one!

    Love, ruth xx

  10. What a lovely interview. The outfit is pretty dang cute too :]

  11. that jacket and those shoes are HOT!! love them :)

  12. the dress is so pretty! i like your clogs too, i just got a pair myself.


  13. The return of clogs!! I've seen a lot of great clogs in Zara, now I'm thinking about buying a pair of them.

  14. you looks great beautiful outfit ,
    who is maria
    nice interviw

  15. hi amber u looks amazing
    beautiful outfit nice jacket
    how are u


  16. She is so fabulous and I am SO diggin' those clogs!

  17. How lovely ! I love Chicisimo , great website :) And anyway I love your outfit ! What a lovely dress !

  18. hui amber
    how are u doing
    how is life
    how is your family
    did u miss me
    haha just joking

    hey amber u looks great , did u get any compliments from your boy friend, he is so lucky to have you

  19. great interview,
    she has great style


  20. Your clogs are fabulous but I especially love that jacket!

  21. Gosh, I adore those clogs, I need them, I want them!!

    And such a great interview with Maria, I really enjoyed reading her answers:)


  22. Excellent interview!

    Your outfit (and weather) look beautiful! I don't normally go for the fringe but it's so good with that dress!

  23. Nice dress. I like how you match it with your necklace!

  24. great interview!! thanks for sharing. and i love your dress! xx

  25. i love LOVE that fringe jacket and your dress! you look so gorgeous and i love this sunny photos!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  26. Hi Amber, thanks so much for such a sweet interview and for taking the time to do it. Really appreciate it, you are awesome!!! I'm sending you an email very soon.

  27. Just came across your blog for the first time and I love your jacket it is totally amazing and the dress is soooo cute!

    by the way have you heard of the new fashion website called dalancefashion.com? You should make a profile on it! I was reading your information and it seems like you might like it! i dont work for it or anything just think its quite cool

    Check out my blog! http://modedevoted.blogspot.com/ Im trying to get a few more followers, so if you have time please add me :) just followed you and looking forward to seeing more posts

    Also do you have a stand/tripod to take your pics? They look great. Or does someone take them for you? Im thinking I should invest in one.

    ps love your stlye

    Hannah xx

  28. beautiful dress and cool clogs. I'm desperately waiting for mine!!

  29. what a gorgeous look! love the dress so much - so romantic and feminine and the clogs are awesome!!!

  30. Love clogs! im working mime on many oufits

  31. you really pull this dress off great!


  32. Love your jacket!! . Like in pocahontas ;)) Cute outfit.

  33. Loveez the hair and the overall look is gorgeous:)

  34. i love love love your jacket!!!

    Visit my blog http://fashionmef.blogspot.com/


  36. really like the dress. interesting interview!


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