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I was bored. But you changed that...

Outfit: Everything thrifted except Jessica Simpson boots and Nine West bag.

Boyfriend and I escaped to the theater this weekend; weaving in and out of movies until the one we came for was ready. Clash of the Titans? Men in short skirts? Sure, why not.

Went to try out a new Italian restaurant, and had the place to ourselves. I think Eloise had a pretty awesome weekend as well.

Some of you were asking for a shot of what my new YSL lip gloss looked like on. Voila!!


  1. Lovely day! My boyfriend is dieing to Clash of the Titans...was it good?

  2. yeah - it was pretty good. If he's a die hard fan of the original (like my bf is) the plot might bug him, but it's still good. Very much a "man's movie"

  3. Glad you had a fun weekend. I haven't been to the cinema in ageesss, need to sort that out!

    Yep the YSL gloss looks fantastic, definitely worth buying :) Happy Easter!

  4. love all the pics and that blazer is fab x

  5. Love the blazer! Thanks for your question!

  6. I love these photos! Especially the one of you laughing because your smile is contagious! ;)

    I hope you are having a wonderful Monday! xoxo

  7. Awesome shots here...with an equally awesome blazer (love that colour on you!!!)

    You have a lovely smile as well. :)



  8. the color of that blazer is gorgeous!!

    lovelove, M.

  9. hi amber! thanks for your comment. I love that bright teal blazer, it's gorgeous. and love the pic of the cat sprawled out like that. have you been to Mexico before? If not, you should! you're missing out!

  10. Love your jacket:)

    Factory Girl

  11. hey girl,
    thanks we are fine!this looks like the perfect evening.you look so fresh and cute when you smile.
    and your kitty is simply amazing,i want to cuddle!now!

  12. oooh what color YSL? I love it on you!

  13. Your YSL lipgloss looks lovely! I think I might buy some! :) And yes, that Lady Gaga and Beyonce video is pure awesomeness. I had to watch it as soon as it was released online. Thanks for your comment! x

  14. I love the color of your blazer, very pretty

  15. Your hair is gorgeous! I really should let mine be wild, and stop killing it with the straightener.
    Great style x

  16. :O i am SO in love with that blazer of yours!!! :) xx

  17. cute outfit!
    I love your kitty also :)


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