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Lions and Stripes // Sugar rush

Forever 21 dress, mothers lion belt, random ring. Featuring: Sift Cupcakes!

So, I went the entire day today enduring looks while in this dress. Then, alas it hit me. Was my "dress" a "top"? Oh heavens. I suddenly felt naked. A faux pas that all of have made in one measure or another, right? Right?

It was my friends birthday this week, and what better way to celebrate than with cupcakes? The Limonata is by far my favorite (followed by the raspberry one with Champagne frosting and dusted will glitter. Yeah, glitter.)


  1. That lion belt is awesome!! and those cupcakes look so delicious...I have such a sweet tooth! lol

  2. I could see that shirt/dress as working either way. At least your butt cheeks aren't hangin out like some girls! lol It would look good with capri black leggings too i think. :D

  3. "delicious" look <3
    xx simona


  4. I'm wearing all the time blouses as dresses. So don't worry! You look great!:P And I want some of your cupcakes!:P

  5. Love ur dress and cupcakes and yummy. Keep in touch Longtime
    Check out my giveaway on my blog

  6. That belt is such a cool piece. It adds such nice detail to this look. Drooling over the cupcakes, too!

  7. Nice outfit !!! i love your belt !! amazing !!
    first time on your blog !! it's very cool !!! i like it !

  8. Those images of the cupcakes are mouth watering!!

  9. The pastry looks amazing! And the dress too :)))
    If you have the time, feel free to come around and check out my blog :)) And of course, comments and follows more than welcome - but that is up to you :)))

    Have a wonderful day! <3

  10. Great photos! I'm hungry for a cupcake now!

  11. That dress is gorgeous who cares if it is a top or not, LOL! Those cakes have made me feel so hungry!

    From Dolly

  12. Those cakes look AMAZING. And I am in love with your lion belt... it's too cool.

  13. oh my, those food pictures sure look delish... so hungry right now.

  14. Now I really want cupcakes!
    Nice little dress;)

  15. Beautiful pictures! Love your dress. xoxo from Sweden!

  16. Whoa, this food looks delicious. Sugar rush indeed. Does it matter if it's a top or a dress? It looks like a mini dress to me and it suits you wonderfully!

  17. I've worn a top/dress out before. Lots of stares! But I swear, it was only short, you couldn't see a thing! I think they were just WAITING.
    It looks like you had such a lovely time with the birthdays. Cupcakes are my favorite.

  18. I know, sushi is just super addictive :))
    Thank you so much for your comment - feel free to follow my blog, as I have many posts coming up :)) It'd make me very happy <3

    Have an amazing day!!! xxx

  19. this post has made me super hungry xxxx

  20. wow, that lion belt is SO COOL! i love how it looks like a gold stripe in the middle of the striped dress. such a great simple outfit. and wow all the food pics have my mouth watering. ~joelle

  21. holy cow i can almost taste that frosting. that lions belt is awesome


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