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Tragedy has Struck!!!

Terrible terrible news! Readers, my camera BROKE over the weekend!!
I'll be taking it in to Best Buy ASAP

Anyone watch the Jake the jackass and Vienna interview? Damn...
I'm so with Vienna. That Jake is an ass.


  1. Oh, I hope your camera gets fixed soon, xoxo

  2. hey.. thanks for your comment... funnily I don't see the sparrows anymore :( don't know what is wrong with the layout!

    have a nice day!

  3. oh no, I am sooo sorry to hear that hun, hope everything gets sorted out asap xxx

  4. Sorry about camera breaking. Cute cat though!SarahD:)

  5. Sorry about the camera :( I didnt care for Jake before but now I would really like it if he got a one way ticket straight to hell. He was so rude and nasty to Vienna smh.


  6. Awful!! Take it to the doctor!!:P I need your pics soon!

  7. Oh no!!

    And TEAM VIENNA all the way ;)

  8. I'm sorry about your camera. I hope you are able to get it fixed soon and it doesn't cost too much!

    And um yeah, I totally saw that interview and I am horrified. I always thought Jake was a douchebag, but this just showed what a cold and heartless bastard he is. Poor Vienna. I never liked her that much either, but it's obvious she really liked him and is horrified about the whole situation. It's so obvious that she is telling the truth and Jake is a lying a-hole. Sigh.

    Oh reality television...how you draw me in...

  9. Ohh I am sorry, I hope it is ok.
    Eat, Sleep, Denim <3

  10. Sorry about the camera! It's happened to me before and it is a tragedy! I hope it comes back soon!

  11. I've just seen clips from the interview on E and other shows. They both seem pretty horrible to me, haha.


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