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Allow me to introduce....Bjork

Video still from Who Is It?
Have I ever told you, my dear readers, how much I admire Bjork? 
What's that you say? I haven't
I do. I first fell in love with her music and videos when I was in 7th grade. Needless to say a long time ago.
"Fell in love" isn't strong enough. 
How do I explain how her music makes me feel without sounding creepy? I don't think I can. So bare with me.
Bjork's music and videos do something to me. Her songs never get old. They are inspiration, pure emotion and poetry that pulsate through my nerve endings and reach into dark hidden parts of me. She finds ways to put into words what I never knew how. She captures the glow of moments.
And those are just the songs.
The videos...ah.
It's impossible to watch one of Bjork's videos and have it fully understood. To start off with, there's layers of understanding. So many layers; play on words, visual symalies and artistic energy that is purely her own.

Video still from Pagan Poetry
As if her music and music videos weren't enough, in all of my favorite videos from her, she also just so happens to be wearing Alexander McQueen designs.The two dresses above are prime examples. The "bell dress" I immediately claimed as his, before I knew for sure. However I am not surprised. The two artists make perfect sense.  

I must admit, I have yet to come across someone who loves Bjork as much as I do. (Although I have done my fair share of trying to convert.)

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