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Oh my dear lovely readers. Do I have a story for you! 
This is a story about a girl, and her desire for Dolce Vita heels. Dolce Vita April pumps in black suede, to be exact. It all began just over a year ago when I first spotted them (probably a blog, I forget where). It was enamorment at first sight. I kept coming back to them. I had to know their name. I hunted, e-mailed and searched high and low. Usually being slow to act, I sat on the thought of them for a few months. When I couldn't stop thinking about them, I knew it was love.
I learned their name: April. 
The name of fresh spring, rain (suede?!), blooming tulips and those Dolce Vita heels!
I searched high and wide on the internet. I found them. In gray. No, that would not do. I found them in polished leather. No, that would not do either.
One day while out with my best friend Megan, she and I braved a boutique downtown (snobby fiends. You know who you are). And, wait! What was this?! April, my love! There she was! I asked for my size.
There was only one pair left, and not my size.
Cruel world.
I refused to be defeated. I crammed my foot into the one and half sizes too small shoe.
Ah the glory of pain.
The sharp throbbing of pain! The fire!
I felt defeated.
I returned to the internet. Two seasons of searching, and still nothing.
Then the fateful day of searching for Yoga pants, Marshall's.(Yes Marshall's. These are hard times.) Walking past the shoes, something caught my eye - April? Is that you?? I walk as quickly as possible without breaking into a run, and...what? This is not my April, but Jessica. As in Jessica Simpson. I am confused. She looks like my April. 
I slip Apr- err, Jessica on. My size, perfect fit. $59, and I am broke. Broke as a crying jibbering wet nosed joke.
I have to leave my (impostor) love behind. Again. Fate laughs at me yet again.
Yesterday: Marshall's. Time: unknown.
I am on the hunt for pants. Black pants. 
Quietly daring to hope, I search for Jessica. She is nowhere to be found. My boyfriend casually reaches out for a shoe. "I like theses" He says. I glance up.
JESSICA!! 25% off!!
This time I RAN to the cash register.

Look for photos soon!
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