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In the Spirit of Giving

For the past three years, my boyfriend has set aside a sum of money to donate to a cause. The first year he chose a church in Egypt (he had visited the year before). Last year he and I went on a shopping spree for children's toys and donated them all. We had so much fun last year, that we were excited to do it again! So, off we went: feather boas, toy trucks, Raider footballs, Play Doh, painting kits...My Little Ponies..All into the cart. 
I truly cherish my boyfriends heart. He is always more patient than I am, and always looking for ways to give. He has a special sense of what others need, and there's never a time that he doesn't want to give a helping hand.
With Christmas just around the corner, I want to encourage us all to give - and not expect anything in return. Whether it's a kind word to a stranger, or paying the bus fare for the person behind you, or a secret note or gift to a co-worker, let's go out there and make someone's day.
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