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It's a post, and I'm wearing clothes, but that's not what it's about

Oh my, is it Wednesday already (and with the day already gone!)?? I am running on Lite Caramel frappachinos, little sleep and strange work hours (off at 11pm tonight, and back at 6am tomorrow morning).
I have been dressing like a slob (today: jeans that keep falling off and a turtleneck under a tee shirt), and my hair...well, it's hanging in there. On the bright side, I just typed out a 3 page, 6 paragraph philosophical paper, in French, in less than 4 hours. I'm quite proud. Oh, and I went to the denist.
Have mercy!

These are all photos are all things that I am craving in one way or another: warm sun on my shoulders, my yellow necklace (may it rest in peace), pure blissful sleep, rose sorbet, beautiful flowers, a beautiful bath with flowers (Coco!), glitter cupcakes, and juicy juicy fruit.
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