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Pink Champagne, Anyone?

A few weeks ago, I came across the most amazing blog : Pink Champagne. Holy vintage awesomeness! Hope of Pink Champagne has got some amazing style. I immediately wanted to host here on the blog, that way you, my dear readers could both meet her, and experience her style as well. Enjoy!
What made you first want to start your blog? I actually started another blog a couple years ago, back when I was super into the whole "Rococo romantic" look. I forget exactly what I posted about, but it was basically fashion tips along the lines of incorporating Marie Antoinette fashion into a regular wardrobe. I ended up deleting the blog and started PINK CHAMPAGNE in the early spring of 2009 as a way to express my fashion sense without any outside pressure. My style was just developing, and I had been a member of Chictopia.com  for the preceding few months. Chictopia is a WONDERFUL fashion website, but I was so young and impressionable that I felt the urge to dress like everyone else on there. A private fashion blog seemed a less stressful and more individualistc way to continue my love for online outfit  posting. (Since then, after my style had been firmly established, I returned to Chictopia where I've enjoyed being on there ever since.)
It's first thing in the morning, and you've just rolled out of bed and you're standing in front of your closet; what's going through your mind? It depends on what I'm doing later in the day on how I get dressed in the morning. Honestly, if I'm just going to be at home the entire day doing school (I'm doing my sophomore year of college online) I'll throw on some comfortable velour sweatpants, a camisole and a cardigan! However, when I'm actually going out of the house, I like to come up with something creative, that's creative within my own opinion. Most any outfit I would put together would be creative by other people's standards, but I only feel 100% pleased if I myself deem it to be out of the ordinary. I try to mix up silhouettes, variations from 1950's-style full skirts and fitted tops to slouchy bohemian and flapper-esque looks. To put it in a nutshell, when I get dressed, my ultimate goal is to come up with something earth-shatteringly different from the other ensembles I've worn that week.
What item of clothing can you not go a week without reaching for? That's easy! As of late, I almost always wear at least one piece of heavy gold costume jewelry. I'm a huge fan of exotic vintage gold pendants, chains, and bangles. I've also been recently gravitating towards wearing numerous turquoise rings at the same time. The more the merrier!
Do you have anything or anyone that inspires you? My taste in fashion is inspired by so many different people and things. Pinpointing my fashion inspiration to a few things is a bottomless pit of a question...but I'll try! What most influences my style are the fashions of years gone by. (Hence, I am inspired by related films, artwork, and literature.) I'm especially inspired by the 1920's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's, as well as the Rococo period, the late Victorian-early Edwardian period, the Renaissance, the Medieval era, and the exotic lands of India and the Middle East. Today, only the elite (designers, magazine editors, bloggers, etc.) really seem to appreciate the magic and beauty of fashion. Most people think that the more comfortable a piece of clothing is, the better. Either that, or they adorn themselves head to toe in designer apparel simply for the "coolness" of wear an array of expensive garments. I think that the current popular view on fashion has a lot to do with our current way of life. One of the reasons I adore and respect fellow fashion bloggers so much is because they're not afraid to break the bounds of our ridiculous society and pour their sweat, blood, and tears into creating something magnificent and stunning.
Have you learned anything about yourself or fashion since you started blogging? Fashion blogging has played a vital role in my "coming of age" experience. Before I started blogging, I was a little insecure and afraid to be myself. I constantly worried how others viewed me, and tried to act "cool" to fit in and be accepted. The longer and more intensely I continued fashion blogging, however, the more I realized how hypocritical I was being. If I wasn't afraid to dress how I wanted, what was to prevent me from acting how I wanted (within reason, of course!)? Since then, I've become a much more secure and confident  person. I think that part of this ending result was my typical teen self finding my long-lost identity, but I highly doubt I would be the same person I am not had not started my fashion blog.

Hope you enjoyed the interview! I know Hope certainly has me all geared up and eager to try out the head-wrap with over sized sunglasses. She's got me loving the look.  Hope you all are having an awesome new year!

PS today is my mother's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!
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