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Packing for Paris

This Paris trip will be my 3rd time to Paris, but my boyfriend's first. I am so excited to share the city I love with the person I love! Since I have never been in the winter, it feels like Paris is a whole new city. I have spent so many hours and long, late nights figuring out what to wear, and I am finally packed. [See process below...]

As you can see, absolute chaos...
Me, 2:08 am. Just call me Wild Thang

My dear readers, do you have any suggestions for me? I know I have a few readers from France. If you have any suggestions for cafes, bakeries, vintage shops, stores, beauty shops...Let me know! I plan to do some shopping and if you've got any pointers to share, I'm open!


Elisabeth - Everything's Better with Frosting said...

Oh em geee - I'm so jealous!! Lucky girl. I can't wait to see the photos from Paris! Please take lots, so I can get the full vicarious experience! Also, I have to say, I really love the hair in the last pic ;)

Lovely Addison said...

I loveeee you hair. It looks very similar to my hair. :)

jassy said...

i love your hair
plus im a bit envious of you right now
oh dear have fun :)
take tons of photos and blog, blog, blog !!

Stephanie said...

Woo! Packing looks good! :) I am so excited for you Amber!

As for suggestions, Angelina's (rue de Rivoli) has great hot chocolate and interior design if you're near the Louvre. Printemps (or Lafayette?) has a casual resto on the roof with stunning views of Paris (don't have to eat there to walk check out the view). Metro Sèvres-Babylone offers great shopping with Blvd Raspail, Cherche-Midi and Bon Marché (don't forget La Grande Epicerie de Paris for picnic items!). And everyone is raving about the cupcakes from http://cupcakesandco.fr/

I hope you have a wonderful time! :) I'll be thinking of you and impatiently anticipating your photography!

Bon voyage ma chérie!

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Jennifer Fabulous said...

Wow I truly hope you have the most amazing time in Paris, Amber. You definitely deserve it. Have lots of fun and take lots of pics. I cannot WAIT to hear and see all about it. xoxo

Mouthwash said...

Dear Anon,

Really??! haha.

And thank you Stephanie for the cupcakes heads up! I love those <3 Certainly going to check that out!

Anna Katrina said...

have fun in Paris - its such an amazing city! don't you love sharing things you are familiar with with others

stop by sometime<3

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