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Sally Hansen Nail Tutorial

 I was super excited about these Sally Hansen polish strips. I had tried some by other brands before, and was interested in seeing what these may be like.
And? A lot of work.
Part of the long prep was my fault: I can't remember the last time I gave my cuticles some much needed TLC, so that took some time. The cute little kit comes with everything that you will need (except one item - that in a minute): the nail file is genius because it is also a nail buffer on the reverse side. The super smooth side also aids in placing the strips on the nail.
Placing the nail strips can be tricky: sometimes the paper wouldn't peel off easily. When it came to filing off the strips, it got tricky.
The only thing lacking in the instructions, was to use a sticky base. My strips were not staying staying on the nail (and I swiped my nails down with toner twice), and found that a sticky nail base made all the difference.
Here are my tips for using the Sally Hansen nail polish strips:
  • Start with clean nails and neat cuticles
  • Be sure to wipe nails down with polish remover, so that the nail is clean
  • While any base coat may work, I recommend using a sticky nail base
  • If you can, work in front of a sunny window, or by the heater. Having the strips a little warm makes them more pliable.  
  • After the strips are applied, trim excess off with a pair of nail scissors (trim as close as possible) - don't attempt to file down!
  • After excess has been clipped, file down the rest
  • Once the strip is on the nail and edges are flush, file down on top of the strip at the tips of nails to prevent the strip from lifting up. (Just be careful to not actually file down to the nail)
I wouldn't say that top coat is needed, however I'm not sure that these polish strips will last the whole projected 10 days if it's not used.
Overall, I find these to be very fun. A little time consuming, but the prints and the patterns make these unique.
How about you readers? Have you tried these? How did they work out for you? If not, are you excited to try these? Let me know!

PS have you heard about my Skype Fest? April 28th is going to be a great day to be here on the blog! I would love for all my readers to participate!


  1. I haven't tried these, but they look really cool! Thanks for the review and have a lovely weekend!

    p.s.Thai food is awesome any time of year!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. you make it look so easy and + yes please do DIY soon, and yea girl we still living in that room for about 3 years now LOVE IT lol

  3. love those butterflyies on your nail it remind well spring !

  4. I've tried similar ones before, so I have a lot of respect for the process you went through. It's harder than it looks! Lol.

    Your nails look absolutely ADORABLE. :)

  5. Love your butterfly nails...they are soooooooooooooo gorgeous and beautiful!!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  6. love these might have to give them a go so perfect for summer xoxo

  7. interesting!!


  8. Cool. I saw something very similar last Christmas and I have been wanting to know what they are like. I think it would be cool to try.


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