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Have you ever found yourself on the brink of selling your soul, for the very purpose of preserving it?

EDIT: A few of you have asked if the first photo is me - oooh I wish! haha. Alas, no :( You can see the whole editorial and the info HERE. But I am so flattered you thought it was me!


  1. Is that YOU in the first photo?! Gorgeous! These photos are so breathtaking (I especially love the last one, too) that they belong in frames. :)

  2. I love everything about photo #3. the blouse, the skirt, the shoes, it's all so nice! what about #1, is it you?

  3. i like the pink dress a lot!! Don't sell your soul! lol

  4. Nice shots. Why sell your soul? You need it honey. Xxxx

  5. awesome photography.... why sell your soul?... I don't think I could do much without owning it.. I can't take orders from no one, I just can't.. I'm like a child that way.. when someone says "dont do that" I do it.. when they tell me to do it, I fully commit to never doing it.. :)
    thanks for stopping by my blog.. I'll keep in touch.. stay cool!

  6. Hey girl

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. your comments were such a pleasure to read.

    In the theme of talking about style - I really like yours! The outfit in the third photo is so unique and well styled - I like it a lot. The shoes and the skirt are so so perfect!

    -fb X


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