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Amber's Mouthwash received the Stylish Blogger Award!

Miss Jennifer Fabulous from I Know, Right? Has kindly awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award! 
What an honor. Thank you so much Jennifer! I highly recommended hopping on to over her blog - you will love her quirky writing and outlook on life, and her humorous spin on stories. 

BAM! The award:
As a receiver of the award, I am to make 7 little known facts about myself, known. So, in an act of good faith in my beloved readers, here you go:
1.One time in college, I stood on a street with a group of picketers, protesting. Once I realized just how nutso my group was, I dropped my sign, crossed the street, and protested with the opposing side. Good times.
2.I have recently noticed that I have absolutely no clue how to apply or use eye shadow in a satisfactory manner.
3. I disdain violence. I have walked out of theaters.
4.I daydream about the day scientists and designers combine their powers and create a shoe that won't kill my feet.
5. Green tea ice cream. Rose sorbet. Mochi. So Good coconut yogurt. Nutella. Back to Nature Wheat Crackers. 'Nuf said.
6.I am continually dressed up, with nowhere to go.
7.All my roads (will eventually) lead to France.
Aaand bonus! 8. Fruit jams, really really creep me out. I get the shivers just thinking about that stuff.

Also, I am to pass this award to 7 other stylish bloggers! Please check these girls out!

PS And a big welcome to my new followers Megan from The Martian Tide, and Dorota from Jewellery Bijou! Welcome you guys! Thank you so much for becoming followers!


  1. Awww love these facts about you! #1 made me laugh out loud. Love it!

    And omg don't even get me started on eye shadow. I've been trying to apply it perfectly for years and I fail. Always fail. Sigh.

    I loooove green tea ice cream and mochi!! I also love rose water bubble tea and rose water lemonade. :P

    I have never been to France and I desperately want that to change...I've never been out of the country. :( What other countries have you been to?

    What is it about jams that scare you so much?!? LOL!

  2. Congrats on the award!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. hahaha the first fact was so hilarious, I pictured it in my head.

  4. I love Jennifer, and I love you. Like a whole lot. A whole, whole lot.
    The first fact is the best, in my opinion, because I have done the EXACT same thing.
    I like to dress up, too, but I never seem to have anywhere awesome to go. It's sad. :( But at least we look cute!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Ha, I am constantly dressed up with nowhere to go! Great post, darling! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  6. What fun facts! Ahh yes to walk in comfy stilettos all day!

    Definite yes to green tea and mochi. Have you had good mochi ice cream? Double yum!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. Ugh I hate jams :S Eyeshadow - don't even go there with me. J'adore France! Hehe.. Def following youuuuuuuuuuuu, please check out my blog too!


  8. Hi Amber! I'll let you know when my schedule dies down for sure! Hopefully, by the end of this June. I love reading more about you and I'm quite addicted to green tea ice cream and nutella! OMG, you don't even know. I could eat that stuff all day. My dream is to move to Paris or London one day! xoxoxxoo

  9. Congratulations on the award, I am the same as you with number 2.

  10. Loving this post, you seem like a fun person!

    Maybe you'd like to follow each other? :)



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