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Good to be Back// Mouthwash Update

Remember the early 2008/2009 personal style fashion blogger? I do. I look back on those times with a smile. It was before bloggers were "sponsored"; before random gift packages from American Apparel appeared on doorsteps, and before the rise of the photographer boyfriend, who had an insane amount of talent in Photoshop. It was before fashion bloggers removed .blogspot or .wordpress from their names and before they were flown half way across the world to sit front row at fashion shows. Yes, the fashion blogger has come a long long way since those "early days". Now, we have professional full time fashion bloggers.

Now, I will be the very first to state that this may very well be the ultimate dream job. I mean, I see nothing better than dressing up, taking a few photos - well, pretty much doing what we all do now - and getting paid for it. Getting flown around the world, and going to parties where you are the guest of honor, and getting free clothes and STILL getting paid for it. Yes, it sounds like a dream job. Imagine - don't feel like posting an outfit one day? Well, post one of your cat/dog/handmade cupcakes: 234 comments and 30 re-tweets. Awesome.

Enter one twisted sense of reality. How many of us have stressed over the fact that we don't have 6,000+  Google followers? Or consistent 70+ comments on each post? If many of you have not, I congratulate you. I stressed. I got caught up in the hype, and lost my focus. I started to look for reassurance and value in all the wrong places. I forgot that I was sharing, and started to think that I should be on center stage. That and, my boyfriend should be "more supportive". Did he want to take a photography class? Or learn Photoshop? "NO"? Well, Why not?!  I It was becoming a bit ridiculous. I have seen so many bloggers get jaded, and leave. I didn't want to become one of them.

So, I took a break. I refocused, got my ---- straight and reminded myself what this blogging business was all about - sharing, inspiring others, and forgetting the numbers game.
Personally, I think I'm lucky. I've found something that I absolutely love, and I have even made some very valuable friendships in the process. I say: let the posing with the point and shoot while utilizing the 10 second timer and tripod, re-commence.

Also, the blog will now have a different feel. Each month, I will sit down and plan out the theme for up coming posts, reviews, etc. I will have scheduled days for posting, that way my readers know when and what will be posted. Want to know what's coming up? Click the tab! I have many features that I am super excited about such as the bi-monthly French Lesson, The weekend blogger catch up, and more! Of course 50% of my posts will be outfits. 
It's good to be back. 

*Disclaimer: I have been following Rumi of Fashiontoast for 3 years now. I have nothing, nothing against this girl. 



  1. Amber, you have NO idea how refreshing this post is to read. And how much I can relate to it and I know others relate to it.

    I started my blog Feb of 2009 so I could have a portal for my creativity and thoughts. It wasn't long before I got sucked into the blogging twister. Even though I wasn't a fashion blogger, I felt this need to do outfit posts. Haha. And Rian got so sick of taking photos, I was driving 15 minutes to my parents' house every day so my dad could take the photos! It was ridiculous!

    And as for the followers, I don't really care about my number UNTIL I see blogs that suck but somehow manage to have 1,200 followers and it makes me feel so small. Even though I know I have a large amount of followers. But putting it into perspective, not so much....

    It is SO EASY to get sucked up into the big bad blogging tornado.

    But you really are lucky, Amber. You recognized the problem and diagnosed yourself. You are one of the few true bloggers left.

    You have the relaxation of being fabulous and posting whatever you want, while other bloggers spend every waking minute writing this kind of comment on every single fucking blog post they come across:

    "Nice photos! Check out my blog! I have a new post up! Follow me!"

    They will never get those hundreds of hours of their life back. And you know what, if they need to spend their time making comments like that to attract people to their blog, then their blog probably sucks and they will get nowhere. It's a hopeless cycle.

    My only blogging friends are real bloggers, like you. They do it because they love it and not because they want to be rich and famous. Their life isn't an endless cycle of self-promotion.

    And if good things happen to us while we're being real, than we truly deserve it. ;)

    Okay, that was incredibly long! Lol.

    In a nutshell: welcome back.

  2. Here via Jenny's facebook! Loved your post. I am glad you took a step back and found focus. I think we all go through it ... the best part is we find our way back to what we actually liked in the first place about blogging! :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  3. Dude, spot-on. Seriously. I don't know about you, but I blog for the children. Ok, I'm kidding, I do it to entertain people at my expense.

  4. Loved this post...I'm not part of the fashion world, but the same can be said of the fitness world, and I have to admit I'm a bit caught up in it. I do wonder why I don't get the comments or the attention other people seem to get...then I look at my stats and I realize people DO show up. The reality is, how people read is different too. So many people use something like Google Reader or their phones, that don't always allow for easy commenting. I have blogs I'd cry if they left, but I've never commented. Like I said, there is a part of me that would LOVE to get freebies, but there is a larger part of me that enjoys posting when I feel like it on what I feel like and not having to be affiliated with anything. That being said I think I owe my sponsprship to my blog (I don't get paid, I get free clothing). Sorry long comment, but thanks for saying this...and kudos for being able to say it without coming across petty or jealous.

  5. Ohhhhh, how perfect are you??? I love this post. LOVE THIS POST.
    I feel this way a lot. I look at my followers and think, "328? Only?" I don't understand why. I mean, in a way, I am SUPER EXCITED because that means that 328 people actually care about the crap I write. On the other hand, like Jennifer, I look at shitty blogs that have thousands of followers -- How?? Because they sell out. And I won't do that. And I am glad that you won't, either.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Great post, I completely agree with you. It's easy to get caught up in this weird world, but I'm still psyched to have any followers at all! People that follow for numbers are just so silly and are obviously doing it for all the wrong reasons, so I'm just glad there are great blogs which I actually enjoy reading. props to you.

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  7. Hi Amber! It's really great to read this post and remember how this fashion blogging thing exploded and we came a long way! For me, I like to see girls who are successful and paving their own way. I think it's empowering and inspiring! But blogging is a lot of hard work and there's a lot of passion involved so it's not for everybody. There are some people who has a lot of advantages to get the dream job they have (like a photographer boyfriend and endless supply of money to buy whatever they want) but I think it's more important to give attention to a girl who works with her limited budget but still manages to produce great content on her blog. xoxoxoxoo

  8. Great post ... blogging should feel good for the soul, it should not feel like a popularity contest.

    ♥ Cat brideblu

    ps. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite here but I just have to follow you :)

  9. I really loved reading this - you hit on so many really important things that I think the majority of other bloggers have experienced...and I'm really glad you're refocusing (I did that about a year and developed a posting schedule as well and it really rekindled my love for blogging and made feel more attainable for me to be regularly involved in - and blogging should be fun!!!).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  10. I think we've all been there, where we think our blog is not enough! But good for you for taking some time off and refocusing! Sometimes I wonder why I do it, but then I remember all of the amazing people I have met through blogging! =)

    star-crossed smile

  11. Amaaazing post! I'm so glad you have the posted about this! I was getting the exact same way as you said you were, and I finally took a break and just left my blog for awhile but yes I have come back a few weeks ago and its better then ever without lots of comments and followers, I'm just in a better mind state and simply posting to express myself and gain inspiration not for fame or money! Great post!!


  12. Whatever your reason for blogging I'm sticking around. Hell, I'm not much into fashion but I follow you anyway. Why? Personality; you keep it real, down to Earth. Inteligence; you have opinions and a voice. Plus you're just plain fun.

  13. I so agree with you. I started blogging, not to get 'famous', sit at fashion shows, get free stuff from shops, or earn money from ads - I started because I wanted something fun to do in my spare time, and yes I have found myself being swept up by the blogging world.. However I do get a little proud feeling when I get a new comment or follower, because I feel like I'm doing something right!



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