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Duck, Duck, GOOSE! Aka Summer Sequins

I've never really had the discussion as to the (cultural) appropriation of sequins in summer. I'll just take that as a hint that it's perfectly okay. (Even if it wasn't I'd wear them anyway.) In all logicality, is there a better season than summer to wear sequins? The sun is shining bright and lets the little tiny disks live up to their full potential. Far be it from me to deny them their sparking rights!

Forever 21 top and glasses, skirt a gift from Teresa, calvin klein flats, and clear back pack from...Tilly's. :)

I tried getting some photos with the ducks and the geese, but they are such divas: wouldn't let anyone come close. Something about needing to be paid in bread. Maybe they were just jealous of my super bling.

PS Didya know that my 3 year blog anniversary is coming up??? YES! It's true! In it's honor I am hosting a blog GIVEAWAY!!! It's my way of saying a big fat THANK YOU to all my readers. SO. This Friday I will give you guys all the details and start the giveaway! The contest will be open to all my followers. (So, if you've bookmarked me just click on the Google follow link, that way you can enter into the giveaway!)
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