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Guest Post by Ellie of City Brewed: The Art Of Thrifting

This month's guest post comes to us from Ellie, the blogger behind the quite amazing City Brewed blog. She decided to start City Brewed as a place to document her personal style when she made the move from Florida, to New York. While she is a fairly new blogger (started in January), she's already been seen on the likes of Teen Vogue, Elle, and Nine West (just to name a few)! Ellie girl, I give you major props! I am so thrilled to have her as a guest here on Amber's Mouthwash. Today, Ellie gives us some tips on:

The Art of Thrifting 
Thrifting can be one of two things: an exciting excursion where you bring home a boat-load of awesome pieces, or a day of disappointment and an empty handed fashionista. I’ve been in both situations, and let me tell you, the second outcome is not thrilling. That, my friend, is when I decided something needed to be done. I needed to perfect the art of thrifting. 

1.Grab a Coffee
Let’s face it, thrifting without being caffeinated can be overwhelming. In order to piece through each and every item placed not so delicately on a number of racks, you’ve got to be focused. Really, you’ll thank me later!
2.Location, Location, Location
One part of thrifting is choosing your location wisely. Before you take off on a day of thrifting, make sure you map out your route. Thrift shops in smaller towns usually have the best finds, where as big cities are typically pieced through. 
....Before You Shop (3)
Before you dive into your thrifting journey, you’ve got to have a plan. Going into a shop which houses hundreds of items can be dangerous for you and your bank account. Instead, take a look through your closet, and check out a few blogs! If you see an outfit you like, decide what it is you like about the outfit, and add the item to your “must-buy” list. Don’t forget to include an overall budget, and stick to it! If you see something you can’t live without, grab it! Chances are that other thrifting hopefuls will notice it too, and it won’t last long!
4.Before You Buy
So you’ve filled up your cart with all the right items. But do they fit? If you buy an item with the intent to “lose weight” (we’ve all done it), or something you plan on fixing up, chances are it will be left in your closet to collect dust. Instead, make sure your finds are the right size, and are ready to wear (after they’re washed, of course!). 
Thanks Ellie!
Find any tips that you plan to use? Which ones?
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