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Prescott, AZ / Summer

Last month I traveled down to Prescott, AZ to visit my grandfather and the rest of my family for two weeks. Desert plains, thunderstorms, stunning views, camping, scorching triple digits, and a unique music underground....

My beautiful Honey cat who lives in Prescott. I love her so much!
My sister and I's first time paddle-boating.

making Melona bars.

Quand j'était jeune.

rainbow cake

painting in the fields



Pandora`s Box said...

Thank you amber for sharing all this. Just..beautiful.

Bonnie said...

I really want a popsicle right now because of you, so thanks for that. :)
Also .... I have no words for how amazingly gorgeous everything is. It looks like you guys had a lovely time!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

J. said...

It looks like such a beautiful place...I'm especially jealous of the clouds...It's been non-stop sun and 100+ degrees for months here with no rain!

And the pictures of a younger you are adorable!

blonde girl said...

i was fascinated by too many of these photos to pick individual ones out. such a fabulous post full of wonderful personal pictures. what a delight to look at!


Daly said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures! It looks like such a great time. I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog. All your nail tutorials were so good, and I'm very excited to try them out. You always post about interesting things, have gorgeous photos, and give great tips. I'm your newest follower! Anyway, if you have time, I would love it if you checked out my fashion blog. If you like it and decide to follow back, that would be amazing and I would probably die from happiness! It would mean so much!



xs said...

i love those dandy popsicle makers. so summery! it looks like you had a lovely time :)

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