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Smart is Sexy Sunday's : Interview with Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll, Illustrator

Illustrator Gemma Correll has absolutely captured my heart. As an avid cat and pug lover myself, it is so easy to identify with her personifications of these animals. When she generously agreed to do an interview for me and for my readers I was so excited!To learn about how she got started, and about her adorable little ball of inspiration, continue reading below.

A's M: How long have you been creating your illustrations and drawings? What got you started?
Gemma: I have been drawing for my whole life. I started when I first picked up a pencil - I used to fill old notebooks with little stories and comics and I spent all of my free time either reading or drawing. I continued to draw throughout my childhood/ teenage years and then I ended up at art school.

You seem to have really tapped into the personality of both cats and pugs: do any live with you?
A little Pug lives with me.

Awe! I love pugs! What is his name?
His name is Mr Pickles.

What crazy/amazing/strange thing has happened to you because of your art?
I've seen celebrities (although I do use that term loosely) wearing my designs. Vinnie from Jersey Shore wore my "Pugs Not Drugs" T-shirt design for Urban Outfitters in the premiere of the new series. I've also seen a photo of Steve Adler (from Guns and Roses) wearing it. It's really crazy.

What would you say is the most normal thing about you?
I like eating cakes.

And the most unusual?
I don't own a TV.

Please finish these two sentences:

You know you're an artist when.....
Your hands are permanently covered in ink.

I can't help it if...
I see a pug on the street. I just have to squeeze it.
Want to see more of her talent? Be sure to visit her website!
Thank you so much Gemma for your interview!
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