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Wonder Wednesday: Jerome, AZ

The once ghost, but still sleepy historic mining town of Jerome, AZ is quite the paradox. Part wine country with a dash of Provincial France, mixed with a spicy flare of Mexican superstition, and old western charm, the town also boasts of a haunted hotel. The pathways in the town are steep - so feel free to treat yourself to the many high-quality restaurants. Be sure to pass by the rather infamous Husbands Alley (quite ironically named, I assure you. You wouldn't want your husband there!). After spending about 30 minutes in the little town, you'll begin to think you've got it all figured out. That's about the time you'll find an olive oil boutique. It's there that the kind gentleman tells you that James Keenan - the lead singer and musician of the Tool / Perfect Circle band also owns a local winery.
Still with me? 
Welcome to Jerome. 

Jerome Olive Oil Traders is brand new - opened just six weeks before we visited.  With fun flavors like butter olive oil and chocolate balsamic vinegar, this little store is a must see.

One of the many fun, quizzical scenes in Jerome:  A handwritten sign announcing an upcoming show in a building that has no roof, no possible way of entering (I took this photo through locked bars), and which clearly has not been used within the last two (or three) decades.

Also, turns out the Jerome was quite a "friendly" town. Check out the lampshade-like scalloping on the exterior. So playful! Today Jerome is still friendly - but in different terms.

The ladies at the Hotel Connor (which is rumored to be haunted) were kind enough to give my family and I a tour. The hotel was build in 1898. This charming hotel combines old world charm with it's stunning views of both Jerome, and the spa-town of Sedona a few miles below. While we were shown the lovely rooms (including the deluxe suite, above), we did not meet any ghosts...

 I met this lovely lady Grayson and her mother while in Jerome. She was so cute it was impossible not ask for her picture. They were kind enough to point out the Hotel Connor.

My beautiful mother. :)

My delicious grilled cheese from the Mile High Grill & Inn. It was amazing. Another plus? Cute waiters.

I hope you enjoyed the photos from this charming little town! If you ever get the chance to make a day (or over night) trip, I hope you do!


  1. oh wow it really does have a very particular air to it! My favourite part would be the olive oil shop!



  2. This seems like such a cozy little spot! I'm glad you had a nice little visit (btw, love your red bag!)

  3. Hey love your blog! so cute!

    visit mine please!


  4. Wow. SUPER cool pics...inspiring...I kind of love all of them and now I kind of want to go to Jerome haha! Do they seriously still have brothels there??

  5. I really like all these colorful and sunny pictures, it looks like such a lovely place to visit and explore!

  6. Such cool and colorful pics and this place looks so cozy!

    PS. Following you too now and also liked your Facebook page. Hope you can do the same with mine. Don't have the Like button but could be added as friend :)


    <3 Marina

  7. This town looks so charming and beautiful! I'm loving all these photos. Some of the best things to do on a lazy afternoon are visit small towns, I think. (So this post is just more proof we were destined to be bffs! Hehe).

    And omfg. That grilled cheese. YUM.

    PS. Your mom looks so young! I totally thought that was one of your 20-something friends on first glance! ;)

  8. Hi There! Thank you for stopping by and what an amazing place! The food, the scenery, everything looks amazing!

  9. Looking at these pictures, all I can see is photo location about photo location. I want to travel here and do a shoot sooooo badly. The places are perfect for pictures!!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. Gorgeous pictures. Love the colors and the decor.

    Heel in Mint

  11. That grilled cheese looks amazing, and so does that town!


  12. Love the bench you're sitting on! So colorful!

    Belly B :)

  13. I love these photos! Jerome looks amazing...I would love to visit there some day!

  14. you look gorgeous!love your blog!


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