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Lush at First Sight

Lush blouse, Banana Republic tank, Forever 21 belt and skirt, Calvin Klein flats.
There is something so wonderfully whimsical and relaxing when you find an item that fully exemplifies who you are. It could be a piece of furniture, a table cloth, a dress... For me, it's a blouse. When I first saw this Lush blouse, it was love at first sight.
The scooped neckline, billowing sleeves, over all sheerness and fishtail hem, all had me at hello. Of course I have it tucked into a skirt, so you can't get the full effect. You know how that goes.

The skirt and the belt are both from Forever 21. Do you remember back in the early 2000's when Forever 21 was only made up of cheap polyester skanky dresses and everything in the store was pink, black and tan? They have come a long way since then: now they carry Miu Miu inspired prints. 

I have been pairing this belt with almost everything in my closet: I'm pleasantly surprised that 90% of the time, it works! A major bonus? It cost me $1.50. The skirt I got for less than $9. 

My accessories. I count lip color as an accessory. The lip shade above is as intense as the belt! I like the little play on words: (I'm an) Enchantress 365 (days a year).

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