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Photos from my Birthday


Megan and Fermin planned my entire birthday! In the morning we drove down to San Francisco, and set sail on the bay (sail boat!), and headed for the Golden Gate Bridge. While sailing we were accompanied by not one, but two pods of dolphins, seals and a pair of London gals. 
After having the most unique view of the GGB, it was off to Union Square for hotdogs and surprise birthday shopping, along with an impromptu Chanel photo-op.
Next, it was off to dinner! And guess what?! It was in a train!

My sister!

Yes, Megan is a camera ninja. We really did get a photo of me in CHANEL...!

San Francisco is the only place I know where I can grab an organic, vegan hot dog on a street corner.

Off to my birthday dinner - it was in a train car! Audrey 3+1 cropped blazer and Escada heels

Forever 21 top and clutch, Audrey 3+1 cropped blazer

There was cake...

My blue velvet/ blue suede cake with vanilla bean frosting - I made it!

And there was presents!! 

My neighbors surprised me with some of the largest roses I have ever seen, and a peach tres leches cake. Thank you!!

How amazing is this?! Megan gave me an Eiffel Tower!

LOOK! It's the silver H&M sweater! I have been wanting this for ages! also, sleeveless tuxedo blazer, and amazing forever 21 lace crop top.
Thank you so much you guys! It was such an amazing birthday with many many new wonderful memories. I am so humbled. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. 

Also, want to see more photos? Like, what Miss Eloise thinks of the gifts, or the views from underneath the Golden Gate Bridge? They're all on my Facebook page - stop by and have a look!

PS A big warm welcome to my newest readers, Miss Dre of ...So She Writes, Marina of Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle, and the beautiful author behind L'Iconoclaste!


  1. Such lovely photographs, looks like you had a fabulous birthday darling!

    Eda ♥


  2. From one well dressed person to another; glad to see you looking so hip on your B'day.

  3. I love the idea of devoting a whole day to celebrating one's birthday!

  4. Dude im so happy you had a great birthday and the pics are amazing & i love your hair........ALOT :))
    (inspiring me)
    and urban outfitters + a cupcake ? you have done well grasshopper !!!!

  5. That cake looks deeeeeelisshhhh!!!!! LOVING IT.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. I wish I could have crashed!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Looks like you had an amazing birthday. Loved the photos, you look gorgeous!

    ...and what's better than a vegan hotdog, really?

  7. So much fun! I think we should do Birthday celebrations every weekend! :) Love you, bestie!!

  8. Happy Birthday doll! That blue tutu skirt is just TOOOOO CUTE! And a photo in chanel??? NICE, did you bring home that glossy baby? What a lovely day and the boat ride looks awesome!

  9. I'm looking at this post and makes me wanna celebrate my birthday too! the cake looks delicious, the gifts are terrific and the photo in Chanel is great!! happy birthday dear <3

  10. naaww looks like you had a wonderful day!! happy birthday!

  11. Oooh I just had my birthday last Aug30 too! It looks like you had a blast! Did you get any interesting gifts? Do share! :)



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