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Trick or Treat? The coat version

This coat has got quite the story.  In the spirit of Halloween, I figured I'd give it a Trick or Treat spin. I'll tell you two stories; one will be true [the treat], and the other will be false [the trick], and you tell me which one is which!

First story:

It was a lazy Sunday, early afternoon. There I was, in the park, minding my own business when from around the corner, came a homeless man. For my town this would be nothing out of the ordinary. We have homeless shelters, that invite them to stay for the night, and by 9am, they hit the streets by the droves. However what stood out was his awesome style - and the fact that he was wearing two coats, and carrying two extra ones. 
"Wanna buy a coat?" He asked. I shook my head no. Turns out he had gotten them free at our local Occupation protest. "Do you know any place that will want to buy some?" I suggested that he try a store two blocks down. As he started to walk away, something caught my eye - it looked like wool, and it had leather toggle buttons.
"That's a really nice coat you've got!" I said, pointing at the one hanging on his arm. "I'll sell it to you" He responded. I told him that I only had $10 on me. "Done!" He said.
And the coat was mine.

second story:
I have a thing for crackers. As a matter a fact whenever we buy them at the store, my boyfriend takes to hiding them from me while he's gone (otherwise I'll consume the entire box in a day). I've even been known to stuff crackers into my pockets when preparing to leave the house. Don't judge me. 
Our little studio is so small that every summer as soon as the weather gets warm, all of our cold weather coats and scarves go into storage. This week we went to go get the coats out of storage. The experience is always like a mini-Christmas: "Oh how I have missed this ______". So imagine my glee when we unpacked this coat. Scooping up my collection of cold weather fashions, we piled them into the trunk, and brought them home. 
Once home however, it seemed that my dear kitty Eloise, had a new vested interest in my coat. As a matter a fact, she kept trying to dive IN-to it. To get her off the coat, I picked it up and moved it to the bed - and that's when I saw it. A mouse.
There was a mouse living in my coat!! Turns out there were some left over crackers from who knows when, but he had found them and had decided to stay!!

Lush Dress, Jessica Simpson boots, Forever 21 knit cap

So dear readers! Which story is the tick, and which one is the treat?
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