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Amber's Mouthwash Black Friday Gift Giving Guide

Black friday gift guide

Aaah, Black Friday! Did you start your shopping at 9pm last night with Toys R Us?! Personally, I find that ridiculous: tradition dictates that shopping starts at 3am Friday morning, not 9pm Thursday night!!
Anyway, in egar preperation for the ultimate mayhem that is Black Friday - I have prepared three Gift Giving guides. Enjoy!

For your Quirky Best Friend:
She loves the slightly strange things in life: those moustache earrings? She "needs" those in her life! Those crazy Jeffrey Campbells that bewildered you? She owns three pairs. 
Gift Giving Guide, Your quirky best friend

For your Fashion Blogger Friend:
We've all probably got a fashion blogger friend by now (ahem). She seems to always be one step ahead of the fashion curve: so how do you shop for the girl who seemingly has everything? Simple. Stick to these two rules and you'll always have a hit: vintage, and if it seems a little too quirky to wear, chances are she'll love it.
Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Your fashion blogger friend

And of course, for yourself!!
Look at you! You're a champ! Selflessly shopping for others. You deserve a treat - Alexander McQueen style. Can't afford it (like me)? Truth be told: I just saw something very similar to this in Forever 21. Promise. Hurray for you!
Shopping Gift Guide: For Yourself

Happy shopping my dear readers! Watch out for those shopping carts!


  1. U.S. consumers still have money to spend? Is the 'black' a positive adjective or is it an indication of how things really are, as in bleak?

    Anyhow, glad your Thanksgiving was a swell one. We in Europe have very little to be thankful for right now, hence why we don't celebrate such an occasion.

  2. My head is spinning from all this fabulousness right now, Amber. That pink blazer is insanely fabulous. I've been looking for a pink blazer now for a couple years. I have yet to find one that cool. And that AMCQ poncho is the most ridiculously awesome thing in the entire world. My mouth is still dropped open.

  3. great looks!love those Lim 3.1 sweater, velvet dress,noir jewelry and wang boots (ecpecialyy in black nappa)



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