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New [vintage] Coach Bag with Blue and Yellow

Why, hello there lovelies! How are you? Me, well...I'm having a bit of an issue. You see I'm rather sick of myself at the moment. I'm with myself all day. Everywhere I go, there I am. I'm in my head all day, and sometimes, blogging, keeping up on twitter, facebook etc, only makes it worse. I am actually quite literally, tired of seeing myself.
This has to be some sort of condition.
You see, it seems that no matter what I do, or how hard I try I'm always disappointing someone. Did so-and-so see that awesome job I did on such-and-such? No; but they did make it pour acid rain for that little mistake I made. Did I plan out my day to be super productive, only to change it at the last minute so I could meet up with a friend, only to have said friend push back impromptu meeting by 2 hours (which left me with a completely unproductive day)? Yes and yes. 
Wait what's that? You've experienced this too?
Well, shit. There goes my whole "poor little victim" me speech.
Guess we're all in this together.

Forever 21; dress, top and sunglasses (how??!), my new [vintage] Coach bag, doll necklace from recent trip to Mexico.

One thing is for sure; the fall colors are absolutely amazing this fall. And, doesn't my little doll just make you smile?!
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