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Night in the City // New Feather Lush Dress

This weekend I got to hang out with two of my favorite city dwellers: Kathryn and Heather. Kathryn and I first met back in 2009, and I swear: her personality can warm up any Foggy City day. Both Kathryn (of Kathryn McCarron) and Heather (of Guevarra Arcega Clothing) are amazing fashion designers - Kathryn just landed her styles in the ah-mazing Dish store, and Heather, a fellow Hawai'i native just got picked up by an Oahu boutique! I couldn't be happier for them both!

The open studios at the Art Explosion (744 Alabama) is always such a treat: all the artists in the three story building open up their doors and let both visitors and buyers peruse, and get a glimpse into the inner world of their chosen craft. If you ever get a chance to visit their quarterly open studios, you must go! Chances are I will be there, "standing guard" of Heather's pocky sticks - with alternate motives, of course.

Heather (facing away from the camera)


Lately I have been making an effort in mixing patterns and textures when dressing. I surprised myself when getting dressed - it seemed that everything somehow color coordinated! Being able to mix patterns, textures, and still have color harmony (as in similar, not complimentary) was something unexpected.

I am wearing: my new Lush dress, c/o Liv Fashion Boutique (if you visit and "like" their fan page, be sure to mention my blog!)
Vintage silk blazer
Knitted scarf given to me by my friend Jesse, for my birthday
Vintage leather Coach bag
Jessica Simpson boots

Lush dress, scarf was a birthday present, vintage silk blazer and Coach bag, JS boots
 Thank you for reading!


  1. That place looks pretty amazing. I would definitely love to visit!

    I love your look, as always. Mixing patterns is never easy...although you made it look that way!

  2. What fun! Jolie Mademoiselle Amber meets her jolies, talented girlfriends in the city. WIsh i had been there. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. Is your sister paid to be your personal photographer, or does she do it out of the kindness of her heart?

    Nice outfit Amber. Would wear it meself.

  4. Your dress is gawww-gus. I so want to steal it from you, although I don't think I would look half as natural in it.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. I thought I loved that dress, and then I saw the back and DIED. I'm OBSESSED with that dress. You look so fabulous, it's ridiculous.

  6. lovely outfit!! gosh those boots are amazing!! and the dress is gorgeous <3

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  8. I love what you're wearing! Your dress is especially cute. It looks like such a versatile piece because you can layer it up or wear it as is.



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