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Photobooth Polaroid // Wearing Sheer Lush Skirt

First off, I want to apologize for not getting the French Lessons post up when I said that I would. That was really lame of me. I'm sorry. I have excuses up the wazoo for it, but, I'll spare you.

Now, back to regular programming.

Last week I attended the Photobooth event. The invite said "fashion blogger galore!" and, they were right. Funny thing about fashion bloggers? Everyone has cameras; no one is taking photos. (I think it was in the name of press - everyone wanted someone else to take their photo and put it on a blog other than theirs. Fair enough I guess. I of course said "eff this" and started taking my own photos. I have coined a term for this situation: SSCH. If you figure it out, let me know. )

The event was celebrating a new Polaroid product - when you walked through the door, the models (modeling clothing from a local pop-up shop) snapped your photo and gave you the cute miniature result. I love mine. It's in my wallet. My other wallet. No photo for you :(

The beautiful Joanna Riedl. She looked purely angelic in her ensemble.

I loved this dress.

With Kate of The Styley. Loved her blue bag!

I loved Paula's skirt - it has giant polka dots on it!

Look! This lovely lady and I had the same earrings. Turns out she works for ModCloth. So, I can see how that happened...

Fur vest - gifted to me by Megan! // Sweater - H&M // Lush skirt // JS boots // DIY clutch

One of the awesome things about the Mission district of SF is their wall murals. Whew! Lots of photos. How is your Monday going so far?


  1. The same thing happens to me whenever I go to blogger events. No one takes pictures! The thing is that, if you start taking your own pictures or having someone take pictures of you, then other people will start taking pictures either of you or of each other. Someone just needs to break the camera silence.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. I love the photos! Your dress is amazing, you look great!

    I could recommend a couple of high-quality moderately priced polka dot tights. If you go to shapings.com, search for the Cecilia de Rafael Granada or the Platino Plumeti. They're both between $15-20. They're smallish dots on the tights...I hope that's what you're looking for!

  3. Looks like this event was a fun one! Love your fur vest! Hope you had a great time! :)


  4. I also interest to join event that related in Photo booth because I love Photo booth and I also want to get ideas on how to do a perfect photo booth strips.


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