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The Pink Scarf

How was your holiday my dear? Did Santa spoil you? I sure hope so! As you can see, I went shopping. Again. Remember my purple shimmer dress? Well, I bought it in orange! I also bought a Brandy Melville sweater. Photos soon! Aside from shopping and consuming a copious amount of cookies, I've also been singing The Beatles Rockband all weekend long. I love The Beatles!! I'm in "story mode" and have been getting 5 stars in all the performances.

Aside from the dress and sweater, I also bought this bright neon pink scarf. I loved my yellow one so much, that I thought that the pink one would be a perfect addition! Well... I should have known that at $8, that the yarn would be cheap, and that it would shed all over every single thing that it touched. Ah well. Let's think of it as bringing color to every situation.

Scarf: Forever 21 // Cardigan: Banana Republic // Sleeveless blazer: H&M // Dress: Lush // Boots: Target // Bag: Liv Fashion Boutique
Thank you for reading! And please, tell me what you got for Christmas! I'm so curious!!


  1. I REALLY like your hair like that! It's cute and chic :)

    I don't usually like to share what I got for Christmas because it kind of makes me feel selfish. But since you asked I'll tell you...lol. This cute bird print blouse, two pairs of the same boots in different colors from Steve Madden, a plaid blouse from Ralph Lauren (I need to take pictures with it soon!), and a few other things I can't remember.

    PS. what is up with that first comment? LOL! How random is that? I've been getting some random porno bloggers following me. I think it's because I used the term "Pussy bow".


  2. so cute! you look amazing, love this outfit, especially the pink scarf! ♥

  3. I love the scarf! Too bad it shed so much... It's a perfect accessory to that outfit!

  4. I love the colors of that outfit and the layering! I have also learned the woes of buying a cheap scarf and now everything is my closet is fuzz brown. haha oh well! Happy Holidays!



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