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Sheer Purple Shimmer and Neon Scarf

Lush sheer dress // H&M sweater // Forever 21 scarf

Is it possible to post an outfit post everyday on the blog? I am toying with the idea. Perhaps not an outfit post every.single.day... but rather, an actual post? To me that whispers of [blog burnout] danger. I am in love with my new camera. Let's call this the honeymoon stage, shall we? I hope it never ends.

Today was my last day of work before the holiday. I am a little embarrassed to say that this scarf, this dress and the purse all are new. But the scarf was $8. I love the color. It makes me happy and keeps me warm. This dress on the other hand only does one of these two things.

How are you keeping up with all the last minute holiday shopping rush? I'm rediscovering just how much I hate crowds. And traffic. And drivers. If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I had a breakdown (tears) in a Target parking lot last Friday. Nothing big - I just couldn't find my keys (they were in my pocket). Holiday stress.

See, that is where this scarf comes into play. Bight cheery colors to lessen the mayhem. Funny how this little $8 items has completely stolen the show for me - whereas the dress...well, quite frankly this dress is amazing. It shimmers. It's closeup is coming (same for the bag).

And, haven't hosted my nails for a while:

Slightly old (by 2 days) Zoya manicure: Trixie and Dove, respectively.
Thank you so much for reading! Also, please try and stay as stress free as you can!


  1. I know where you were at! LOL. I like that I can say that without sounding like a creeper. Or maybe I do sound like one...? ;) But I agree with you. Let's wait 'till after this holiday madness passes by. Then we could do our little duo shoot. It will be fun!

    Im loving your dress btw. I like that it looks like a skirt here. That only means you can wear it more often :) Which you should, because it's so pretty.

    And don't feel so bad about losing your keys. Whenever I've lost my keys, they always end up being inside my car. It's totally embarrassing. Even more so when I have to break into my own car :/


  2. What beautiful skirt! Love how you incorporated it in a 'warmer' outfit with sweater and scarf!

  3. I looooove the snow effect on your blog! I love it much more than I love real snow!

    That skirt is absolutely amazing...I love it...and I love the scarf too!

    Sorry to hear about the Target parking lot incident! I can't stand crowds either. I have to go back out there tomorrow...I'm going to need something strong to drink...hahaha.

  4. Forget the scarf Amber, how on earth did you make your blog snow?

    I'm like so amazed right now. You can see the digital snow fallin' everywhere. Wow.

  5. you always wear lovely knits and make them look so effortless. Thanks for the love and support amber. x

  6. Skirt is so good with silver shade sweater and lemon accent!



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