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Striped Mohair Lush Top

One very tough thing about running an online store is having passion: passion for the hunt of vintage items, passion to restore them to their full glory, and then the wisdom to let them go (aka the passion to see your business grow). The perfect example of this is this beautiful Coach bag. I love this bag! I mean, I love it. I might even marry it. 
But if I want to see my business thrive, and if I want to continue to strive to develop a reputation for my store, this lovely bag has to go. 
Well, at least we got to spend a blissful week together. Better to have loved and lost, than to not have loved at all.

So happy that Fall has finally come to northern California. There is a crisp in the air - even when the skies are perfectly clear. 
How was your big Black Friday / Cyber Monday festivities? (Notice that? I'm asking about shopping, not about Thanksgiving. Which, I hope was way better than any shopping experiences you may have had!) 
Did you buy anything special? Me, I bought 5 mp3 songs off of Amazon. I know: I rock.
But today...Today, I bought my very first DSLR.

I literally screamed when the transaction went through. Scared the mess out both my cat and myself. I've never spent this much on anything - including tickets to France. I am currently a bundle of emotions: happy, excited, scared, nervous, and I've got a bit of guilt too. My camera is scheduled to arrive by next week.
I haven't even told my boyfriend about this yet!

These photos were taken right behind our city's Occupy area, by City Hall. I've been wanting to go through their camp and take photos and ask questions, but...

Old Navy dress, Lush top, Zara shoes (bought in Paris, France!), vintage leather Coach Bag

My beautiful Coach bag sold this morning.

A nice warm welcome to my newest readers Aya of  Strawberry Koi (amazing shop dear! WOW!), Stephanie of 16 and a Half, Joanna of Bittersweet Life, and Angelique of Angelica!


  1. Ok...that is too funny. I think that about the time you left your comment I was looking at your lovely mohair sweater and thinking of how cute it was you put that collared shirt underneath. Anyway, I live in Sonoma Valley, but most of my pictures were taken in the Napa Valley (which I like better lol). Are you in the same area?

    Feel free to remove my comment if you wish to remain more anonymous on your whereabouts :)



  2. Oh, I think you should definitely drop in on the occupy people. That would make an amazing post!

    I love the top and shoes...sorry you must part with the bag...

  3. Amber, do you spend a lot of money on new clothes?

    Like, as a percentage, what is your monthly budget for new clothing?

    Would you say your allowance for new clothing supersedes your stipend for, say, food and rent?

    (Striped mohair looks very cool on you.)

  4. I love those sexy Zara shoes! The whole outfit is perfect for fall!

  5. Love your post! I want those shoes you have!!! Don't feel guilty about the camera. It's a great investment for your business. I'm sure the return will be worth it. Enjoy it!


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