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Sheer Dresses and Rust-y Walls

Lush Dress // Express cardigan (thank you Megan!) //Forever 21 scarf // Coach Bag // Target shoes


Yesterday I was feeling rather under-accomplished. It's only natural, I suppose. With the emotional roller coaster that the Holidays so often are for me, when the craziness dies down and I am left to fall back into old routines, I start to question myself and my goals. As many of you may know my ultimate desire and goal in life is to spend at least a year in France. I actually want to move, and live there. With the departure of a friend of mine back to France (she is from France, and wants to live here in my town just as much as I want to live in France), my heart broke a little. I knew how much she didn't want to get on that plane back home.

Writing about this actually gets me a little teary eyed. Sometimes I feel like I am afraid of my own success; making excuses for myself - as if I am afraid to charge ahead and actually grab what I have been wanting for so many years. Yes I have obstacles such as finances (I withdrew from my France fund to purchase a new camera) that are hard to overcome. But they are not impossible, right? My dear friend Hala'i had a quote on her page that I saw this morning that read "There is no such thing as impossible. The very word says I'm possible" [Audrey Hepburn].  While sitting at work today, I noticed this necklace of ours:

So perhaps I need to stop being so hard on myself.
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