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Alleviating the Funk

I have kept it no secret that I have been feeling down lately. Each morning when I wake up, I stare at my closet, hoping that it's going to produce some sort of miracle. I have been feeling trapped in my own closet: I feel like I am a 26 year old woman who somehow ended up with a 14 year old girls wardrobe. When I shop I feel so torn: I have designer taste, but a Forever 21 budget. And, if I were to be brutally honest with you I would tell you that I am embarrassed by that.

Admitting that was harder to swallow than those new fish oil pills I just started taking.

Etro blouse

I dream of crisp collared blouses, demure plaids, quilted Chanel bags, and Miu Miu frocks that say "Hey look! I'm young, educated, playful and fun - and I still look my age." I dream of finally being able to tap into the art of mixing "high with low", where I pair that cheaply priced (not cheap looking!) bracelet with a swanky designer vintage watch. Will it ever happen? Well, one can only hope. For now they are dreams.

Dreams they may be, but at least Polyvore let's me daydream. To distract myself, I've taken to creating a few dream outfits.

Mixing patterns

Lately I have found myself obsessively reaching out for collared blouses. I have collared items in my closet, but they are sheer, loose and not tailored. I don't think I'll ever grow out of my need to have flowy, billowy items in my reach, but I do crave things to have a more sophisticated feel. Mixing patterns of course, is a must.

Mono Orange

There's that Miu Miu skirt! Bright colors, playful patterns, and even stretchy-band bracelets can still be adult (note pussy bow blouse), yet still playful. This outfit strikes the perfect balance of what I'm wishing for our of my closet. Color makes me so very happy.

Icy blue

I love how the pop of pink makes this outfit absolutely perfect. This pink is no baby pink. It's all grown up. Which is exactly what I'm looking for.

What about you? Are there any improvements that you would like to make to your wardrobe, or are you perfectly content?

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