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Back from Belize: Meet Kinera

Meet Kinera, the sweetest (never mind only!) coatimundi I have ever met. We were both a little unsure of each other when we first met (I wanted to pet her, she wanted to climb me like a tree), but as you can see, we got along quite well. Sweet little Kinera even gave me a kiss to show just how good of friends we had become. 
I will be uploading more photos from Belize from now through next week. I'll leave each post up for 2 days, that way you'll all have a good chance of seeing all the photos! I can't wait to share my Belizean adventures with you!!


  1. How cute!!!! :) Hope you had a blast! ;) xoxo

  2. What a cool experience. So incredibly cute.

  3. That last shot makes me wanna say-"AWWW CHO CHWEET" :D

  4. Adorable especially the last photo :) Glad you had fun girl

  5. Okay, I don't know WHY, but when I saw your post title "Meet Kinera" I thought you had discovered some fabulous hot fashion blogger from Belize and I was automatically like, "well, who is this bitch?!" LOL!! Look at me, being all jealous. Good lord.

    Kinera is freaking adorable and I think she's fabulous, now that I know she's not a threat to me, and isn't going to steal my bloggy bff. ;)

    And I looove that red shirt thing you're wearing. Sorry I don't know the right terms for stuff.

  6. You look very happy Amber. I take it the trip was what you needed to get the New Year off to a productive start.

    Coatimundi may make a good hat ;-)

  7. I've never heard of coatimundi but he's so cute! what a fun little creature!


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