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Neon Pink & Red Lips

Lately I feel like I have been keeping this "funk" at bay. You know the feeling: trying to ignore the feeling that you are barely keeping your head above water...? That's sort of where I am. I'm bored. However I'm not one hundred percent sure what I'm bored of

I think it partly has to do with my closet, honestly. I look at it and think "...and??" almost as if I am expecting it to perform some sort of magic trick. Produce a bunny perhaps? Those glitter Miu Miu's I've been eying? Perhaps a slightly thinner version of myself? I have no idea. A winter funk I suppose. 

Old Navy dress // Forever 21 scarf // Ralph Lauren jacket // Coach bag // Blondo boots
Sorry if that was a little depressing. Tomorrow is a brand new day! Thank you for reading. Sorry I'm a little behind on comments. I'll try to catch up soon!
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