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Neon Pink & Red Lips

Lately I feel like I have been keeping this "funk" at bay. You know the feeling: trying to ignore the feeling that you are barely keeping your head above water...? That's sort of where I am. I'm bored. However I'm not one hundred percent sure what I'm bored of

I think it partly has to do with my closet, honestly. I look at it and think "...and??" almost as if I am expecting it to perform some sort of magic trick. Produce a bunny perhaps? Those glitter Miu Miu's I've been eying? Perhaps a slightly thinner version of myself? I have no idea. A winter funk I suppose. 

Old Navy dress // Forever 21 scarf // Ralph Lauren jacket // Coach bag // Blondo boots
Sorry if that was a little depressing. Tomorrow is a brand new day! Thank you for reading. Sorry I'm a little behind on comments. I'll try to catch up soon!


  1. Adorbs!

    And um, if you happen to produce the bunny, send it my way, please. Thanks.

  2. Love that pop of color on your scarf and lipstick :) Think positive thoughts! I know it's easier to say it to someone else than it is to do it ourselves. When I get in a funk, I sometimes forget to take my own advice.

    Anyway, have a wonderful Thursday!


  3. I know exactly the feeling. Although judging from most of your posts, I think most people would be happy to have your closet!

    Hope you're out of your funk soon!

  4. I get bored, too. I am bored a lot, which is probably why I keep myself crazy busy all the time. Still, I get bored. I like to change things up ... So I get it. Totally.

    P.S. Give me that scarf.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. What a pretty look on you. The bright colors suit you.

    We all struggle with something. I'm exhausted and irritable right now from working too hard.

  6. well, even if you FEEL the funk, you don't LOOK the funk- I love the hot pink!

  7. Great scarf! And you look great with the red lipstick! sorry to hear about your funk. I think we all go through that at some point. You look great,though!



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