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For your viewing pleasure // Video Outfit Post!!

So my dears, how do you like it? This was my very first try at editing, and the whole shebang, so I am very proud! I had so much fun doing this and I hope to implement it more in the future!


Barry said...

Love this, makes me happy. More please! =)

Tara said...

This is really cool! I would like to learn how to put together a video like this someday. That outfit, as I wrote on your post yesterday, is fabulous! I really like those shoes, too, although I'm not sure I'd be able to pull them off.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

O.M.G. My darling Amber THIS is how outfit videos should be done!! You nailed it! I love that it was like an outfit story: you getting ready and showing each item and then heading out for walk. The music was fabulous. No words or explanation was needed AT ALL.

I desperately want to tweet this to J at FS so she can see what she's doing WRONG. Forrrealz.

I think this is the start of something immensely fabulous. Think of all the scenarios you could do. Going out on the town...flying a kite...date night.

I'm SO excited to see more!! (Please do more).

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