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In My Perfect World // Amberia

Come, enter a world of lustrous curls and wonder! Where purple lavender lemonade is the boisson du jour and kitty cats with over sized bows bat at butterflies...
Welcome to Amberia, my perfect world.

In my perfect world, I would be a full time muse
Alexander McQueen would still be alive, and we would be "lovers". Which is a fancy way of saying that I would be his muse. Which is a romantic way of saying we would have cupcake food fights and wreck havoc. 
Emiliana Torrini would narrate my life through song.

I would have private tutors who would teach me all the things I could ever want to know. Philosophy? Done. Mathematics? Done. Art Restoration? Floral arrangements? How to sew pleats? Done!!

In my perfect world, rainy days would automatically call for tutus and pettiskirts. 

There would be no more eyebrow waxing.

Holi would be a monthly celebration.

In my perfect world, I would spend my summers on a compound living with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. We would wear each others clothing and clothes would never be gender specific. We would simply be too carefree to care if Edward was wearing a dress. 

I would have rainbow curls.

I would watch every sunrise, but be late to every breakfast.
Life would be a balance between of being naked and barefoot...And this:
Kristen Scott Thomas would be my neighbor in Paris and we would ride rusty bicycles through the city taking mini Polaroids of flower shops. 

And laughter everyday.

So what do you say lovelies? Care to come and stay for a while?
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